Who Is A Sigma Male? Personality Traits, Benefits And Drawbacks Explained

Written by Harini Natarajan

You must have heard of alpha males, but have you heard of sigma males? They are introverted alpha males, often described as lone wolves. They do not conform to the traditional lines of social dominance, which makes them stand out from the crowd. In this article, we explain who sigma males are, their personalities, and how relevant they are. Keep scrolling to know more.

What Is Sigma Male Personality?

What Is Sigma Male Personality?


A Sigma male is an introverted alpha male without a pack. They are the men you would call “lone wolves.” It is a new addition to the personality hierarchy dominated by alpha males. They are successful, good-looking, dominant, and influential but tend to be loners. Some common examples of sigma males in popular culture include John Maclane (the badass cop from The Die Hard series), and John Wick (the assassin from the movie series played by Keanu Reeves, who is also considered a sigma male).

If you wonder about the origin of this imaginary personality or social hierarchy, and how sigma male differs from alpha males, we have explained it below.

The Wolf Pack Personality Theory

These personality traits came from the Wolf Pack Theory (which was later debunked). In 1947, animal behaviorist Rudolph Schenkel published a study called “Expressions Studies on Wolves,” which stated that alpha wolf leads the pack. However, the study was based on the traits of captive wolves. In his book Brave New World published in 1932, Aldous Huxley stated that humans needed to follow a similar social hierarchy as animals for stability and happiness in society (1). He further segregated each person based on social rank and character traits into alpha, beta, gamma, epsilon, or moron males. Since then, humans have categorized males (and sometimes females) under similar terminology.

However, wildlife biologist L. David Mech debunked the theory after studying wolves in the wild. According to him, wolves do not have any sense of rank, and they are not born leaders or followers. Wolves live in families, and the “alphas” are the parents whom the offspring follows (2).

Even though the theory was debunked, the imaginary concept of alpha and sigma males stuck around. It further gained traction with the popular culture and is considered a tool to stereotype men and trigger their insecurities. Let’s take a look at how sigma men are positioned in the socio-sexual hierarchy.

The Role Of Sigma Male In The Socio-Sexual Hierarchy

The Role Of Sigma Male In The Socio-Sexual Hierarchy

The socio-sexual hierarchy was created by Theodore Robert Beale, also known as Vox Day, an American far-right activist and writer. It segregates people based on their behavioral patterns. According to the hierarchy, there are six different personality types:

  • Alphas: They are natural leaders, dominant, extroverted, charismatic, and a tad aggressive.
  • Sigmas: They are introverts who don’t play by social rules. They are on par with alphas, except that they don’t stay in a group. They are not aggressive and keep to themselves.
  • Betas: They are the seconds-in-command to the alpha. They are passive and follow the alpha’s order.
  • Deltas: They are hardworking men with self-esteem issues. They tend to come across as insecure in relationships.
  • Gammas: They may have narcissistic traits and often come across as egotistical and abusive. They do not take orders well.
  • Omegas: They are introverted and intelligent, with emotional baggage. They tend to be clingy and needy in relationships.

Sigmas and alphas are on par with each other, but there are quite a few differences that set them apart.

Sigma Males Vs. Alpha Males

Sigma MalesAlpha Males
Not a part of the hierarchyLead the social hierarchy
Tend to be lonersTend to be leaders of the pack
Doesn’t want to appease the alpha and is unbothered by how people perceive them. They are not community people.Thrive on building community and take responsibility

Sigma males do not stick around in a group long enough to be a part of them. They believe the smarter decision is to work by themselves and that a team or group comes with too many responsibilities and voices. Here are some of the classic traits of a sigma male.

Character Traits Of A Sigma Male

  • They Are Introverted: A sigma male tends to keep to himself. While he may join groups occasionally, he does not stick around for long. If they have something to tell you, they will, but they will be off by themselves otherwise.
  • They May Be Dominant: Sigma males have a commanding presence like alpha males. But where alpha males may be loud or friendly, sigmas tend to be reserved and quiet. Sigma males will have leadership roles, but they lead their team without being overly friendly.
  • They Are Influential: Much like the alpha, the sigma male is also very influential. They tend to help set goals in any group. They are adaptable and do not conform to society’s standards. They set their own rules.
  • They Are Successful: Sigmas are successful. However, they may not be team players. Even when they are part of a group or team, they tend to go off and do their own thing. But they consistently achieve their goals, are determined, self-sufficient, driven, and focused.

Each personality type has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of being a sigma male.

Benefits Of The Sigma Male Lifestyle

  1. They Lead Their Way: Sigma males choose their own way rather than following someone’s lead. They do what makes them happy. Living like this comes with freedom without obligations to other people or circumstances.
  2. They Are Not Tied Down: Being a sigma male does not come with the responsibilities like an alpha. They are not held back by family, tribe, a home, or commitments. They do not have to make decisions with other people in mind.
  3. They Are Clear-Headed: Sigma men know what they want and go for it. Since others do not impact their goals and desires, they go all out to achieve them.
  4. They Are Not Dramatic: They don’t want emotional baggage and tend to steer clear of people and drama. They avoid building relationships with too many people.

Sigmas have qualities that most women find attractive. They lay out what they want from the relationship and do not make false promises. They are not clingy or needy and are confident, attractive, and mysterious.

Drawbacks Of The Sigma Male Lifestyle

  1. They Are Loners: Sigmas are introverted men who do not like to mingle with people and form bonds with many. Most people tend to think that they are lonely, but sigmas do not feel the same way.
  2. They Are Commitment-Phobic: Most sigma men stay away from a full-fledged relationship because they do not want to commit. Committing to someone comes with responsibilities and being a part of a group of friends and family. This goes against the introverted and loner mentality of the sigma. Sigmas may also come across as emotionally unavailable.

Given these drawbacks, you may think women may not prefer sigma males. On the contrary, they find them attractive. Let’s explore this in the next section.

Do Women Prefer Sigma Men?

Do Women Prefer Sigma Men?


Most women are attracted to mysterious men, which gives sigma males an edge. They think that they may make a sigma male commit and are often attracted to them.

Sigma males don’t feel the need to commit to a relationship altogether. They leave the relationship whenever they want to. Most sigmas are completely honest with women about what they want. This comes across as self-confidence to most women, and that is a character trait women like.

Sigma males are mysterious, charming, attractive, and loners. They are difficult to tie down. In a way, they are rebellious as they go their own way. However, sigma males often never stick to one woman since companionship comes with baggage. Sigma males are mostly not looking to form a strong emotional bond with their partners. They just want a good time. A sigma male may be the most compatible with a sigma female since they have similar personalities and goals.

The Final Word

The loner trope has often been romanticized by books, movies, and popular culture. However, do not take these seriously as these personality types. These hierarchal structures are often inaccurate, and you should not live by these rules. Whether you are a sigma or an alpha male, always strive to be the best version of yourself and trust your journey.


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