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What Is A Tinted Moisturizer And What Are Its Benefits?

What Is A Tinted Moisturizer And What Are Its Benefits? February 11, 2019

There are so many creams and lotions that we use. Confused on what is what? Want to know which is good for you? Want to know what to use depending on different occasions? For this it’s important to know the difference between products and their benefits so that you can choose your product for daily use judiciously. You might have used a foundation and also BB creams. And now the CC creams have also reached us. But what is tinted moisturizer? You might already prefer BB creams for regular use and foundations on occasions. Then, what is tinted moisturizer used for?

Take a look below to know more about it and to know how to differentiate among a tinted moisturizer, a BB cream and a foundation.

Tinted Moisturizer:

A tinted moisturizer as specified in the name itself is a moisturizer with a slight tint in it. It gives a slight polished look or a little tint to the skin compared to a foundation. It contains humectants, anti-oxidants and few other ingredients like iron oxides, titanium dioxide.

A difference between the foundation and the tinted moisturizer to be noted is that in the former, titanium oxide is present in around 14 to 15% quantity, while in the latter it is present in just about 3% quantity. This ingredient is used to deliver the color to the skin.

A foundation is used to cover the skin with a layer for flawless and perfect-looking skin, while the best tinted moisturizer’s works just like a good moisturizer, hydrating the skin while at the same time it evens out the complexion.

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First of all, applying a foundation is not that easy. You need to dab it all over the skin perfectly for proper coverage. The main advantage of a tinted moisturizer is that you need not worry about applying.

Like any other lotion or cream, just take a small amount of it and apply it to the skin. Also if you like the dewy look, this product alone is enough. There’s no need of powder at all. If you are more of a matte lover, use a sheer powder and you are done. So, choose the one nearest to your skin tone. Also, this product is suitable for dry to combination skinned beauties since they impart oiliness to the skin.

Advantages: Why use Tinted Moisturizer?

  • The consistency is thinner than any other creams like foundation and BB cream.
  • It feels very light weight on the skin.
  • Unlike a BB cream, you can choose from a wide range of shades.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates your skin.


  • Anti-aging or whitening properties are absent in tinted moisturizers.
  • It may not suit oily skinned beauties. It totally depends on the product itself.
  • No pigmentation at all which is very important. BB creams have this advantage of being pigmented.
  • They stay less on the skin and also give less color to the skin.
  • Expensive
  • Very less SPF is provided by these products and this might range from SPF 15 to 30 while BB creams start from SPF 30.

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A tinted cream may give less color to the skin but stays on the same as a BB cream.

If you have fewer blemishes or almost an even skin tone you can definitely go for a tinted moisturizer. If not, a BB cream may be your choice. Also a tinted cream is preferable for the teens and early twenties, since around this time the skin doesn’t require much more than this. As one’s age increases, the all-in-one properties in a BB cream make it essential for daily use.

So I hope this article gave you a good clear cut idea about what a tinted moisturizer is. Shoot us a comment. Stay gorgeous!


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