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What Are Scissor Jumps And What Are Its Benefits?

What Are Scissor Jumps And What Are Its Benefits? April 27, 2018

Are you on the lookout for an exercise that will help you tone your entire body? While some enjoy aerobics, not many prefer this form of exercise. If you too are looking for a new way of exercising that is fun and helps you stay trim, then scissor jumps is the right workout for you.

As crazy as it may seem to you, this exercise can help you improve your stamina and keep you fit and ticking! Would you like to know more? Please read this post!

Scissor Jumps – A Brief

Scissor jumps was popularized after Lesley Paterson, a professional triathlete, included it in a 6-Minute video. The exercise video can be viewed online nowadays. The exercise is called so because it involved the legs swapping their positions while the body is still in the air. This movement resembles that of scissors. This method is also referred as scissor kicks. It can be tried by athletes and anyone who wants to enhance body fitness and get the muscles toned.

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How To Do Scissor Jump?

It is not much tedious to practice the workout, both at home or outside. You need to have enough space around you when you try this workout. Studies have indicated that physical activity is the only way to keep weight in check. ( 1)  And this workout helps you achieve that! Try these simple steps right away. (2)

1. Stand in a position where the right foot is at the back and left foot is in the front.

2. Jump off the floor, and land after your legs have swapped positions in the air.

3. The right foot should be in front, and the left foot should be behind.

4. Get back to the first position- as in, the left foot forward and the front foot behind.

5. This rhythm should be repeated a number of times.

6. Make sure the landing area is not stacked.

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Tips For Practicing Scissor Jump:

Initially, you may face difficulty in trying this workout properly. The exercise requires your body to be fit and healthy. However, trying the following tips can be helpful:

• If you are trying this exercise for the first time, it may be easier if you swing the arms when you swap the legs while in the air.

• You will benefit from trying the jump at a quicker pace. This helps in burning more calories.

• When you land on the floor, try to keep the knees in a bent position. It aids in absorbing some amount of shock, and you can prevent injury as well. If necessary, you may take a short after every 30 repetitions in the exercise. This will help you focus better.

• After you find that performing the jump is no longer hard for you, try a few variations. Try doing it without swinging your arm, for instance. Another idea is jumping while you hold a weight. Ensure the weight is comfortable for you. It can be hard in the beginning, but with practice you will get used to it.

• If you do the jump while holding a weight, add a slight twist to the torso. This helps in making the core stabilized.

• In the beginning, you may try performing the exercise on a thick floor mat. This will reduce the chances of injury if you lose balance and fall on the floor.

Benefits Of Practicing Scissor Jumps:

Scissor Jumps may not be easy to do, and it may not be your favorite workout. However, the benefits outweigh the tediousness in the long run.

The notable benefits are:

1. This exercise tones your entire body, more or less.

2. It elevates your heart rate and helps burn calories faster.

3. The leg muscles get toned when you try this workout.

4. When you practice this workout with regularity, your capability to absorb shocks after jumping goes up substantially.

5. It does not require any accessory to try, and people with varying fitness levels can try out this workout.

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A Word Of Caution:

While practicing scissor jumps can help you tone your legs and body muscles, and enhance your fitness levels as well, you still need to remember these words of caution:

• You should not practice it if your leg is injured.

• This is not an exercise for women who have conceived.

Try this scissor jumps exercise today. Yes, it takes some time to master, but once you have got the trick you will be no less than a pro. A few minutes of practicing scissor jumps is all you need to stay fit, trim and happy!

And also tell us how you found this post! You can comment in the box below!

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