What To Wear This Valentine’s Day: Date Outfit Ideas

What To Wear This Valentine’s Day: Date Outfit Ideas February 9, 2018

It’s that time of the year!! It feels like just yesterday that I woke up, hung-over after the New Year’s Eve party. And today, I’m rattling my head to make plans for the special day. For some, it might be just another date night; for others, it could be raining proposals. And, for the rest of us, it’s time for some self-indulgence while the world is going haywire. Whichever stage you are in life, like any girl, the million dollar question is – What will I WEAR?? Followed up by – What do we do? And, I’m going to answer them both!

I have been there and done that! We are all in the same boat. So, here are a few ideas you should consider this Valentine’s Day. Let’s paint the town red!

What To Wear On Valentine’s Day – Best Outfit Ideas

1. Watch A Stand-up Gig With This Indie Fusion Dress


Valentine’s is a work day this year. Du-uh! And, not everyone can get a day off. But, there’s always something happening. You just need to get creative and plan ahead. I am a fan of stand-up or anything in the comedy genre. It feels good to forget everything after a stressful day and laugh out. If you are anything like me, this might interest you, and you’re surely going to kick-start your Valentine’s evening. Go for a dinner, either some place fancy or where you can fold your legs up, reminiscing those jokes all over again, and laugh your hearts out! There’s nothing more romantic than a good laugh with your loved ones.

Since it’s mostly indoors and won’t involve walking, you can afford to pull out those red or suede pumps. The classic LBD with a red trench coat or an Indie fusion with a handloom cape or jacket will look amazing. Team it up with a deep red lipstick, and you have everything you need to sweep your man off his feet – all over again.

2. A Fancy Dinner Date In A Body Suit


Have you been wanting to take your partner to this fancy dinner place? A different cuisine that you both always wanted to try? This time of the year is probably the best to treat yourself to something fancy. Plus, if you make reservations ahead, restaurants often offer discounts, happy hours or deals for love birds. I’m the laid-back kind and love trying places with a hole in the wall, such as drive-ins or food trucks. However, special days need special treatment. Because, why not?

So, what do we wear? Have you heard? The bodysuits are back, and we could not have been happier! What a way and a day to flaunt your figure! It’s snug, body hugging, and chic. Opt for a sequined skirt that will pop the look and a muted bodysuit (an off shoulder, perhaps). Carry a clutch, pull those peep-toes out, and own the day!

3. Club Hopping – Will Never Fail You!


Club hopping does not necessarily have to be with your BFFs. If you and your valentine love music and are party animals (or not), club hopping is foolproof and will never fail you. If your partner likes beer, take him to micro-breweries in town and go beer tasting. In the end, settle for a lounge or a resto bar to end the night with dinner, drinks, music, and memories.

I’m sure you’ve heard this quite a few times, but for what it’s worth, no harm in mentioning it again. Always wear comfortable footwear. Period. Our love affair with footwear is invincible, but club hopping in six-inch high heels can leave a poor aftertaste, and that’s something none of us want on special days like these. So, a short dress will do – be it off-shoulder, peplum cut, corset or anything that you’re comfortable in. Pair it with sexy footwear. Go for it!

4. Single And Slaying? A Pajama Party!


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If we have to turn tables around, look at life from a different perspective. Why should couples have all the fun? At the risk of sounding melodramatic, being single is sometimes the best thing that can happen to any of us. And, why should that stop us from having fun? “Valentine’s Day is only for couples” is a relic of the bygone! If you’re the kind who loves curling up to her throw, binge watch TV shows/classic love stories, and never wake up – you can still have fun. Get yourself a pair of new pajamas or a full body suit. Spend the day at a salon, get a hair spa done, and come back home to a pitcher full of sangria or whatever your favorite drink is. Call for a pizza and eat it up all alone! Invite your other single friends, maybe?

Pajama parties in the truest sense. Get yourself a pair of bunny pajamas or full body suit and soft house shoes. If you have friends over, surprise them with a pair each. All of you can color code, unwind, and dance the night away! Cheers!

5. Take Your Cupid On A Hike


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Are you both fitness freaks? Are you both always pushing each other toward your fitness goals? Then, here’s something different that might interest you both. Drive down to a nearest mountain or hiking area, maybe some place you both have been meaning to go. Get to the place one night earlier, get up early and watch the sunrise together. There’s nothing more fulfilling than checking off those boxes – together! Close your eyes and picture this – redefine romance!

Athleisure has gotten a facelift, so you could look stylish and stay comfortable. Get a sexy pair of pants or shorts, tank top, and hiking shoes! After all, nothing is sexier than sweating it all together!

6. Surprise Him With Tickets For His Favorite Band


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Is your partner into music? Or, you guys are one of those couples who thoroughly enjoy music festivals and live bands? Here’s a chance for you to surprise him! Look for music gigs that are happening in the area – there will be special performances and shows for Valentine’s day. Get passes and surprise him. There’s nothing more romantic than seeing your partner excited and the love in his eyes.

When you go for the gig, ensure you wear something comfortable, assuming that these shows are outdoors. Plus, there will be a lot of jumping, walking, and standing. Wear a pair of shorts, a tank, a boyfriend shirt or a jumpsuit. Anything stylish but comfortable!

Valentine’s day does not have to be cliched or cheesy! There are a million ways to show your partner (or yourself) love, and getting dressed to look pretty is one of them. After all, love is all that keeps us going. Not to sound cheeky, Valentine’s day is one of the many days you celebrate togetherness, so why not do in style! If you have any other ideas on what to wear on valentine’s day, drop a message in the comments section below. Here’s wishing everyone – A Very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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