How Do You Know That You Are Ready To Say “I Love You”?

Written by Harini Natarajan

Dating someone new is exciting. It feels special to meet a person you like spending time with and cannot stop thinking about when you are apart. You are flying high emotionally and know in your heart that this is it. You want to take it to the next level and let the person know that you love them.

However, you are not sure if this is the right time. You have been dating only for a couple of weeks and unsure how they feel about you. Moreover, you do not want to seem desperate and cannot wait and let the ship sail. Well, saying “I Love You” is a milestone in any relationship, and you are only right to give it so much thought. Let us understand when the right time is to confess your feelings. Keep reading.

When Is The Right Time To Say I Love You?

When Is The Right Time To Say I Love You?


There is no rule that defines a timeline for taking this significant step in a relationship. Some people think you should date for at least a couple of weeks before you say, “I Love You.” Others feel you should wait for three or six months.

It takes time to know any person. When you love a person, you do not just love their appearance – you love them for who they are. Their good qualities, the smallest annoying habits, thoughts, behavior – you love every bit of them.

Once you decide to proclaim your love, there is no going back. You commit yourself to date them exclusively and expect the same in return. Moreover, they should also feel the same about you.

For this reason, it is advisable to think hard before proclaiming your love. Try to understand if you truly love them, and it is not the adrenaline rush because you are in a new relationship. Take your time to know the person and understand if you see your future with them. Similarly, give them time to know you better and fall in love with you.

Ideally, you should go on at least five dates or spend at least three months before you say “I Love You.” Try to wait out this period even if you feel it is love at first sight. Of course, saying that you fell in love when you saw your partner makes for a great story straight out of a fairy tale. However, being cautious in love can protect you from pain and heartbreak.

Also, try to gauge their feelings for you. Both of you must be on the same page and equally serious. Say it when you can feel it in your heart and can no longer hold it in.

If you are looking for more cues, here is what you can consider before you say these three coveted words.

11 Signs That You Are Ready To Take The Leap

1. Saying “I Love You” Has Been On Your Mind

You must have seen umpteen movies where the protagonists confess their love in the first couple of meetings. It hardly ever works that way in real life.

However, if it has been on your mind for a long time, you will feel much better by getting it off your chest. When you know your feelings are true, give yourself and your love a chance. If your partner does not reciprocate the feelings, you will at least know what to do next.

2. You Complement Each Other

You Complement Each Other


As human beings, we have an emotional need for companionship. We need partners who can help us embrace life, support, and uplift us through our tough times and make this crazy journey called life a smooth sail. As this happens, you will know in your heart that your partner is the one.

If you and your partner are in a space where you complement each other and enrich each other’s lives, it could be the time to take it to the next level.

3. You Have Already Started Talking About Future

Are you referring to you and your partner as ‘we’ when talking to your friends and family? Has your partner also transitioned to “us” from “you” and “I” while referring to both? Have you already discussing if you will have a dog or a cat as a pet?

If yes, there is no reason to hold back your feelings. Perhaps you are scared, but your relationship is in a safe zone, and confessing will bring you both closer.

4. Say It If You Are Impatient

Say It If You Are Impatient


Say it because you can no longer hold it in, and you want an answer and want to be able to figure things out.

Before you say, “I Love You,” consider the possibility that you may not get to hear it back. Perhaps your partner is not ready at this point or is taken by surprise. They may need more time to think about it, or worse, they are not looking for anything serious.

Whatever may be the case, consider all the possibilities.

5. You Have Been On At Least Five Dates

If you have only been on one or two dates with this new person you are hanging out with, it is too early to say you love them. In most probability, you are infatuated with them. It is advisable to meet them a couple of more times to understand your feelings. By then, you will grow out of this phase and know if this is true love.

6.  You Have Been Together For a Few Months

You Have Been Together For a Few Months


If you have been together for a few months, you have probably introduced your partner to your friends. You are planning to introduce them to your parents, and probably, your parents also have an idea about the special someone in your life.

When so much has happened, you know that you can pop the three magic words anytime. And you can also be sure that your partner is very much into you.

7.  Your Sixth Sense Says, “Go For It!”

At times, nothing works as well as your instincts. While your mind may say that you need to wait it out, your instincts may tell you to go for it.

If you feel in your heart that it is the right time, go ahead and let them know. Tell your partner that you love them, but there is no pressure for them to reciprocate right away. Allow them to process this new information and think about their next steps.

8.  You Accept Your Partner With Their Weaknesses

You Accept Your Partner With Their Weaknesses


When you have just started dating a person, you only tend to see the positives. Everything is rosy initially, and you are charmed by your partner.

However, when you become more emotionally invested in a relationship and spend some time with them, you will get to know them better. You will learn about their habits, daily rituals, and every little detail and vulnerabilities. If your partner has let you into their inner circle where you know them in and out, you know you are a part of their life now. That’s the moment you should confess your feelings.

9.  You Are Fine If It Gets Messy

Relationships are not easy. The fights, disagreements, and arguments can make you question your choices. Families may become involved, and you may not see eye to eye with them every time. However, both of you reconcile later and are still willing to invest in your relationship. It shows how much you are into each other and is a cue that you are ready to make it official.

10.  If Your Partner Is Giving Hints

If Your Partner Is Giving Hints


Is your partner dropping hints that they like you and are thinking about a future with you? For instance, do they prefer spending time with your parents or insist on hanging out with your friends? Probably, they are trying to get into your inner circle. If yes, this is the right time to reveal your feelings.

11.  You Cannot Stop Thinking About It

Is love constantly on your mind, and are you finding it tough to focus on anything else? Have you been falling behind on your deadlines because you cannot stop thinking about telling your partner that you are in love? Are you daydreaming about your partner quite often? If yes, you are head over heels in love with them, and you should let them know how you feel about them.

When you decide to confess your love, it is also crucial to consider the moment and the time. Here are tips on when you should avoid saying “I love you” to your partner.

When To Avoid Confessing Feeling For The First Time

1.  Do Not Say It When You Are Intimate

Although you may have seen it in the movies, never say, “I Love You” in bed. It may land the two of you in an awkward situation. What if your partner is not ready to say it yet? You can save yourself a good deal of embarrassment by choosing another time and moment to confess your love.

2. Do Not Say It In Public

Do Not Say It In Public


Saying that you love your partner for the first time should be an intimate moment that the two of you can cherish forever. Instead of choosing a public place, try to say it at a time and place where you are devoid of company. It will also save you from embarrassment and your partner from the pressure of answering at the moment.

3. Never Say It During A Vacation

Trips and vacations are surreal. They take you away from your responsibilities and allow you to live life in the moment. When you are with your partner, you may confuse the unreal feeling of fullness with love.

It is advisable to maintain your current relationship status while you are on vacation. Else, the trip may become uncomfortable for both of you, especially when you are sharing a room and have your itineraries planned.

4.  Do Not Say It Because You are Lonely

Do Not Say It Because You are Lonely


Are most of your friends in a committed relationship? Do you feel lonely because they always come with their partners? Do you feel lonely because everyone else seems to have their lives sorted?

These feelings may prompt you to say, “I Love You.” By doing so, you will jeopardize your relationship and put your partner on the spot. Say it because you love your partner and not for the sake of it.

5.  Say It When You Mean It

In the end, try to avoid saying it because the clock is ticking. It is better to wait it out until you are ready instead of rushing into it. For instance, it does not matter if you have been on a couple of dates, and it is the next logical thing to do. Say it when you mean it, and you can feel the love in your bones.

Saying “I Love You” for the first time is as special as it can get. When you declare your love, you indicate to your partner that they have an exclusive spot in your life, and you are ready to share it with them. Say it only when you feel it from within, and you are very sure about your feelings for them.

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