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8 Surprising White Angelica Oil Benefits That You Never Knew Existed Until Now!

8 Surprising White Angelica Oil Benefits That You Never Knew Existed Until Now! October 3, 2017

Do you want to distance yourself from negativity? White Angelica essential oil is believed to have powers to amplify and strengthen the body’s aura. Fascinating, isn’t it?

The essential oil also has many health benefits. Read on with me and discover more about this amazing oil.

Many Sources, One Power:

White Angelica essential oil is a blend of several soothing essential oils. Used in the ancient times, each one of these oils served to promote health and relieve stress. Imagine such power harnessed into one source!

The various White Angelica ingredients include,

  • Ylang Ylang
  • Myrrh
  • Geranium
  • Bergamot
  • Hyssop
  • Rosewood
  • Melissa
  • Black Spruce
  • Hawaiian Sandalwood
  • Rose Otto

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With almond as its base, the essential oils of these ingredients are blended into perfect harmony.

The oil is quite the protector of our aura. It enables spiritual awareness and restores emotional balance. The calming oil is known to promote a feeling of security and protection in both humans, as well as animals.

There is more!

Benefits Of White Angelica Essential Oil:

1. Good Mood, Whatever The Situation:

White Angelica essential oil gives you a good mood and keeps it that way so that you can handle any situation better. The oil helps keep away negative emotions like anger, jealousy, guilt, sorrow, grief, loneliness, greed, weakness, etc. It also protects from negative energies of others around us.

Now, you can handle the bad news with less grief and more joy.

2. A Friend When You’re Depressed:

The oil has a soothing effect on the nervous system. It can consequently benefit those suffering from depression. White Angelica essential oil relaxes the body and mind, which is why you can use it for headaches too (1).

3. Bring Down High Blood Pressure:

The oil has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and blood pressure. White Angelica keeps high blood pressure in check while helping with smooth circulation.

4. Wakes You Up From The Slumber World:

Dozing away during the day is not going to work for our productivity. Drive away the slumber with White Angelica essential oil. It stimulates both the nerves and metabolism. Alternately, it can even calm down an over-excitable nervous system.

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5. Nervous Twitches Won’t Hamper You:

The oil has an anti-spasmodic effect, meaning it can cure you of nervous twitches, coughs, cramps and convulsions. These symptoms will not have to hamper you to impress the crowd with your skills.

6. That Gas Better Be Out Than In:

White Angelica promotes good digestion and relaxes the stomach and intestinal walls to boot. This pushes excess, painful gas away from the stomach. Such an action prevents the gas from pushing up inside the abdomen. Besides, the oil cures indigestion problems.

7. Does The Liver Need Some Healing?

Our friend, the White Angelica oil, can help heal the liver of any damage (2). It enables proper functioning of the organ along with offering protection from infections.

8. Rids You Of Excess Water And Toxins:

That means more trips to the bathroom, because White Angelica essential oil is a diuretic. It is a boon to those with renal problems as the oil accelerates urination. Along with urine, it encourages the elimination of various toxins from the bloodstream saving us from many adverse health conditions.

Excited To Use It?

In order to gain all these benefits, all you need to do is use undiluted drops of White Angelica Essential Oil.

  1. Apply a few drops on both sides of your shoulders
  2. Sprinkle some more on your throat, ears, chest, wrists and neck
  3. Rub some oil in your hands, raise them over your head
  4. Make a motion as if enclosing yourself in its protective space from head to toe
  5. The oil’s shield will now protect you from all negativity

I think I’m going to get this oil and try it for myself. Will You? Please share your thoughts and comments in the space below.

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