Women With Bigger Butts Have Smarter Kids!

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“I like big butts, and I cannot lie”– simple, catchy, yet deviant lyrics of a song by Sir Mix A Lot, which even had baby Emma from the popular TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S tripping to the beat. However shallow they might seem, big butts are fascinating. Queen B, J’Lo, and even the sensational Kim Kardashian have booties to envy. Some call it fat, some say it’s sexy, but studies show that there is much more to that bootylicious bod than meets the eye. Take a look.

It Is True – Women With Bigger Butts Do Have Smarter Kids

Women With Bigger Butts Do Have Smarter Kids
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A study by the University Of Oxford in 2010 stated that women with bigger bottoms have healthier, smarter kids. The butts usually store high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good fats. These acids usually induce the development of the baby’s brain. Evidence has it that the lower half of the body is responsible for the fat in mother’s milk. Therefore, the omega-3 fatty acids also form an integral part of the baby’s nutrition if the mother breastfeeds. This, in turn, boosts the development of the child’s brain. Your baby will be healthier and possibly more intelligent.

But that is not all. Having bigger buttocks comes with a whole lot of other benefits as well.

 1. Having A Big, Fat Butt Is Harmless

The excessive fat present in the stomach is usually white, and since the organs are amidst all this fat, it leads to heath conditions like high blood pressure, inflammation, etc. The butt fat is usually hypodermal yellow fat, which is benign and harmless.

2. Big Butts Make You More Attractive – Biologically

Psychologists believe that because fuller buttocks enrich the appearance of the curve of the spine, men find women with big butts more attractive.

3. Women With Fuller Butts Are More Intuitive

Some theories suggest that there could be a connection between a woman’s emotional quotient and the butt size. Women understand and develop sensitivity to the feelings of others around the same time they attain their curves and puberty. Also,nature makes women with small waists and big bottoms more intuitive while picking a potential partner because so many men find them appealing.

4. You’ve Got The Moves Of A Jaguar While You Climb Stairs

The muscles below your waist need to be strong for you to climb stairs with ease. Unless you have strong legs, if you are weak or flat-butted, climbing the stairs can be a real task.

5. You Will Never Be Hangry (Hungry + Angry)

Well, when it is way past food time, and for some reason you fail to refuel, the extra fat stored in your lovely big butt will give you all the energy you need to survive until the next time you eat.

6. Your Lower Back Is Always Cushioned

A big butt protects your knees, back, and hips because the extra mass supports the muscles and strengthens that area, thus putting lesser pressure on the lower back.

7. Pregnancy Shall Be Easier –A Little At Least

Big butts will balance out the extra weight that your baby brings as it develops. Therefore, you will be more mobile throughout your pregnancy. Your labor, however, can get difficult owing to a fuller backside.

8. Cholesterol Might Not Be Threatening

Studies show that women with small waists and big butts have high levels of HDL cholesterol, which is good cholesterol. The HDLs are likely to keep your arteries clear andprevent clogging. Therefore, unless you put on weight all over your body, you are less likely to have cholesterol-related troubles.

9. You Could Steer Clear Of Type2 Diabetes

A study made by the International Journal Of Obesity stated that a small waist and a big butt lowered the risk of occurrence of type 2 diabetes.

So, the next time you curse those big buttocks because you can’t get into a decent pair of jeans, think again!

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