15 Best Women’s Day Poems

Written by Harini Natarajan

Women’s Day is here! It is a time to celebrate the greatness of the women around us. What better way to express our appreciation than with poetry? Poems have been used to idealize and honor others for years. This year, use a poem to express your gratitude to the amazing women in your life. After all, who runs the world? Girls!

Here are 15 amazing poems about women that you can use to wish all the women in your life. Ranging from classic to modern, these poems are sure to make the women in your life smile.

1. The Laughter Of Women – Lisel Mueller

“The laughter of women wipes the mist
from the spectacles of the old;
it infects them with a happy flu
and they laugh as if they were young again.”

‘The Laughter of Women’ by Lisel Mueller showcases the beauty of a woman. It shows how a woman is the one who makes and breaks worlds. It talks about how a woman can change the fate of those around her with a simple laugh. She turns gloom into happiness and brings light to darkness. She may be subservient and docile, but she is the one who changes one’s life.

2. She Was A Phantom Of Delight – William Wordsworth

“And now I see with eye serene
The very pulse of the machine;
A being breathing thoughtful breath,
A traveller between life and death;
The reason firm, the temperate will,
Endurance, foresight, strength, and skill;
A perfect Woman, nobly plann’d,
To warn, to comfort, and command;
And yet a Spirit still, and bright
With something of angelic light.”

‘She Was A Phantom of Delight’ by William Wordsworth is about the wife and her importance in his life. The poem is divided in three parts. First, when they first met. Second, when they began to know each other. Third, when they are married. With the classic Wordsworth style of simple writing with deep themes, this poem is a sure winner among the ladies!

3. Women Of Courage – Kathy L. Goings

“Women of courage, women of strength,
Women of faith and devotion.
Mothers of children with spirits so strong
Who may have unbridled imaginations.”

‘Women of Courage’ by Kathy L. Goings talks about women empowerment and how women are beings full of courage. It takes a holistic approach toward women and empowerment.

4. Two Women – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“Her aims are noble, her pity so broad,
It covers the world like the mercy of God.
A soother of discord, a healer of woes,
Peace follows her footsteps wherever she goes.”

‘Two Women’ by Ella Wheeler Wilcox talks about two women she knew. She talks about one who was cheerful, noble, and merciful and contrasts her with one who was chaste and cold like the winter. This poem showcases the two sides a woman can have – a nurturer and apostle of peace and a cold, scorned antagonist of life. This is a perfect poem from one woman to another. It describes the hardships of women while at the same time showcasing their pure nature.

5. The Pomegranate – Eavan Boland

“The veiled stars are above ground.
It is another world. But what else
can a mother give her daughter but such
beautiful rifts in time?
If I defer the grief I will diminish the gift.
The legend will be hers as well as mine.”

‘The Pomegranate’ by Eavan Boland is based on the Greek mythological story about the mother and daughter; Ceres and Persephone. The poem talks about the struggles a mother will voluntarily face for the sake of her child. This heart-touching poem is sure to bring happy tears to your mother’s eyes this Women’s Day.

6. Without Women – Lovina Sylvia Chidi

“Without women
What will become of us?
No more noises on the bus
No one to make all the fuss.

Without women
What will become of men?
Who will teach them,
How to behave and learn?”

‘Without Women’ by Lovina Sylvia Chidi showcases the importance of women in everyone’s life. The poem talks about how it is a woman who teaches men that a woman is priceless and how she brings light to life. This poem is a great way to make sure that your feelings of love and respect are sent across to any woman.

7. There’s Wisdom In Women – Rupert Brooke

“But there’s wisdom in women, of more than they have known,
And thoughts go blowing through them, are wiser than their own,
Or how should my dear one, being ignorant and young,
Have cried on love so bitterly, with so true a tongue?”

‘There’s Wisdom In Women’ by Rupert Brooke talks about the innocence of women and how there is a great depth in their seemingly innocent words. This is one of the most perfect poems to send to your mother, sister, teacher, or anyone you’d like to show your respect to on Women’s Day.

8. A Pledge To Women – Chitragupta

“They say intelligence comes from one’s experience,
and wisdom from those of others’
Wise I have become,
so I pledge to be better than my fathers.”

‘A Pledge to Women’ by Chitragupta talks about the poet’s journey of knowledge through his life and how he has seen the women in his life be oppressed and disrespected but still shine at the end of the day. This poem acts as a pledge Chitragupta has made to make sure that he is different from his forefathers before him. He showcases how the value of women is much higher than we can imagine and how their courage deserves respect.

9. Happy Women’s Day – P. K. Tunuri

“I love you Granny, for all the stories you told me
I love you mom, for being there, every time I failed
I love you sister, for all the fights & advices
I love you, my dear friend, for trusting me.”

‘Happy Women’s Day’ by P. K. Tunuri showcases the greatness of all the women in the poet’s life. He talks about his grandmother who was always there to comfort him, his mother who always supported him, his sister with whom he could pass time, and his friend who always trusted him. This is the perfect poem on Women’s Day, just like its name suggests!

10. One For The Ladies – Jeff Gaines

“Well great goodness, where on Earth do I start?
The Garden of Eden…or the bottom of my heart?

How can I make this as honest and heartfelt as I can?
How would I share with every woman in the world, the emotions of every man?”

‘One For The Ladies’ by Jeff Gaines talks about the poet’s journey of learning throughout his life. He says that he has learned about the beauty of women, the beauty in their actions, and the beauty within. He says that he has learned how women have made the world what it is and how it is women who have always run the world from behind the scenes.

11. Canvas – Kaleidoscope Prhyme

“These words I write become intertwined in the veins of our loving hearts.
In the rain of her presence, my words will always form a rainbow.
I can never get enough of her love; I’m always left yearning for more.
In a world ravaged by cold wars, we both know what we’re fighting for.
She has never spent a day letting the world turn her starry sky into a ceiling.”

‘Canvas’ by Kaleidoscope Prhyme is a poem that expresses the elegance and importance of women. In this poem, Prhyme talks about how a woman is much more than a pretty face, a pretty color, or a perfect dress size. He says that women are those who nurture the world and turn anything you give them into something beautiful. This poem is definitely for those women in your life who are your inspiration and act like your muse!

12. Women’s Day – Lydia Victoria Kate

“you’re stronger than a flame,
more relentless than one too,
I promise sister,
you can be anything,
have whatever,
become what you do.

cover yourself up,
or just let go,
steady, steady,
your life is in perfect flow.”

‘Women’s Day’ by Lydia Victoria Kate talks about the strength and courage of a woman. The poet tells women all over the world that they are a force to be reckoned with. She is perfect as she is and that no one has the right to judge or change her. This is the perfect poem to send to the strongest woman in your life.

13. A Beautiful Creation – Gul-e-Dawoodi

“Soft and tender existence with fragrance of love and warmth,
Affection and nourishment that gives one comfort as if heaven came down upon earth,
Never will I forget her love, an angel who gave me birth
Obedience and silence with a smile of gold
The symbol of beauty and Trust
A drawing in her little hands she holds
A little more respect and a little more regard with a lot of love
I have to give them back
God this is a lovely life with eternal bliss
And for this and all of this, I say thanks.”

‘A Beautiful Creation’ by Gul-e-Dawoodi showcases the poet’s feelings towards his mother. He talks about how his mother has always been a source of femininity, beauty, and respect in his life. This poem is sure to wow your mother and make her happy on Women’s Day.

14. Sonnet 43 – Elizabeth Browning

“I love thee freely, as men strive for right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.”

‘Sonnet 43’ By Elizabeth Browning showcases the intense love she has for her husband, Robert Browning. This poem showcases a woman’s abundant heart and her passion and dedication towards someone she calls her own. This poem is sure to touch the heart of any woman in your life!

15. The Night Of The Scorpion – Nissim Ezekiel

“My mother only said
Thank God the scorpion picked on me
And spared my children.”

‘The Night Of The Scorpion’ by Nissim Ezekiel showcases the power of a woman when facing trials and tribulations in her life. It talks about the greatness through which a woman overcomes pain and wins against an adversary. Here, a little boy talks about how his mother who was bitten by a scorpion, struggled through the night and survived. Yet, she thanks God that her children were spared.

This Women’s Day, take some time and spend it with the women you appreciate and respect. Show them that they matter more than you let on. These Happy Women’S Day Poems are a perfect way to make that happen. Let us know your favorite from our picks in the comments section below.

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