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6 Wonderful Benefits Of Clavo Huasca For Skin, Hair And Health

6 Wonderful Benefits Of Clavo Huasca For Skin, Hair And Health November 1, 2017

Known the world over as a natural aphrodisiac, Clavo Huasca is a woody vine that bears white flowers. The wood of this vine consists of essential oils with an aroma that resembles clove oil.

The Assurini Indian tribes and the Shipibo-Conibo, Kayapo tribes, who call the rainforests of Amazon their home, use the tincture made from the wood of clavo huasca for various medicinal purposes. The South American Indian Shamam community prepares their traditional Ayahuasca using an herbal blend that includes the tincture of clavo huasca. This brewed medicine is thought to be helpful in making contact with the spiritual world.

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Nutritional Facts:

The bark of clavo huasca vine is brewed for extracting a vital alkaloid phytonutrient named tinantina. It also contains other essential health benefiting constituents, such as essential oils, eugenol and tannic acids.

Clavo Huasca Benefits For Skin And Hair:

Though mainly known for its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties, clavo huasca is also known to be good for our skin and hair.

1. Strengthens Hair Follicles:

The essential oils present in the tincture of clavo huasca are good for strengthening the hair follicles. These oils keep the scalp hydrated and protect it from the side effects of harmful chemicals used in shampoos and dyes.

2. Natural Emollient For The Skin:

The rich and greasy properties of essential oils and the healing properties of eugenol serve as a good blend of antiseptic and smoothening agent. That is why extract of clavo huasca wood are used in many cosmetic products that are prescribed for treating skin infections and irritations.

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Health Benefits Of Clavo Huasca:

In most parts of the world, clavo huasca extracts are mostly used in the form of tincture. However, in some parts of the world, such as in South America, the wood is boiled to form a tea-like concoction for treatment of various health issues. Some of the major health benefits of clavo huasca are:

3. Aphrodisiac Properties:

The tincture of clavo huasca is mostly used as an aphrodisiac. It stimulates libido in both men and women and is known to increase their sexual desire. It is also prescribed for treating male impotency and erectile dysfunction. It is especially useful for pre-menopausal women who witness dwindling interest in sex. Clavo huasca tincture can be used to increase their libido and make life a little easier.

This tincture is used in the traditional Peruvian herbal medicine Cipo Cravo, which is known to treat frigidity and impotence. Today, the popularity of this medicine has crossed all manmade borders and has found its way to North America and Europe where it is majorly used as a stimulant and aphrodisiac.

4. Digestive Stimulant:

The tincture of clavo huasca is also used for expelling gas, increasing appetite, calming a rumbling stomach and stimulating proper digestion.

5. Pain Reliever:

It is also used for relieving extreme physical pain. The eugenol in the Clavo Huasca extract heals the injury and causes analgesic action, which in turn reduces pain. It is also used in many pain relieving ointments and creams.

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6. Used For Treating Tooth Ache And Rheumatism:

The stems and roots of clavo huasca are brewed to form a stimulant liqueur, which is effectively used for treating toothache. It is known to have properties that are similar to clove oil.The liqueur is also said to be good for treating chronic problem like rheumatism.

Despite its multiple health benefits, its usage as an aphrodisiac is what makes it so popular the world over. Its special phytonutrients provide rapid results when it comes to treating impotency in men or frigidity in women. It can be used as tea, tincture and as a part of ointment, cream and solution.

But, the fact is that we don’t make use of the other amazing properties of this herb. Maybe it is time we looked beyond its aphrodisiac properties and start using it for its more comprehensive health benefits. Let’s start today!

Do you know of any other natural aphrodisiac? Share with us in the comments section below.

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