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10 Wonderful Remedies To Stop Thumb Sucking Habits In Children

10 Wonderful Remedies To Stop Thumb Sucking Habits In Children July 11, 2018

It is irritating at times to see your little one sucking the thumb while playing, sitting and watching his favourite cartoon show, isn’t it? It is okay for infants to suck their thumb as a natural reflex that soothes them. But for grown up kids aged between 5-7 or more, it is quite embarrassing at times to do so publicly. It is mostly seen that kids abandon their thumb sucking by the age of 5. But, in case your child hasn’t done so, it’s high time for you to come to action.

Effects Of Thumb Sucking:

Small kids suck their thumb to find comfort and sometimes, for inducing sleep as well. The problem increases when the child enters an age when permanent teeth start coming out. Constant thumb sucking may result in the misalignment of teeth and affect the roof of their mouth adversely.

There are social issues that include bullying at school and detesting by peers. In some cases, it is noticed that thumb suckers are considered less intelligent and charming or less amicable.

It is also a major cause of some medical problems. While constant thumb sucking may result in the chapping or cracking of skin, there are chances of the development of some infections in the thumb nail as well.

Let’s have a look at the wonderful remedies to stop Thumb Sucking habits in children:

For grown up kids and grown-ups, leaving thumb sucking instantly may not be possible. It is a habit developed over years. We cannot expect it to vanish in a while. But, here are some remedies that may be of help to you:

1. Distract The Child:

It is one of the best ways to stop thumb sucking habits. All you need to do is engage your child in a ‘two-hand involved activity’ every time you notice his thumb in the mouth. This may include hugging a cuddly soft toy, reading a book, or playing his favourite game on PSP.

2. Wrap The Thumb:

A thumb wrapped with band aid, tape, or covered with a finger puppet mitten will certainly never taste as good as the bare thumb. For bed time thumb sucking, you can use socks as well.

3. Try To Limit The Time Of Thumb Sucking:

Talk to your child and explain to him or her that it is okay to suck the thumb only at night. This might discourage the child to do so at least during the day time.

4. Apply Lime Juice To The Thumb:

Children often dislike the taste of lime juice. You might just get lucky if you apply lots of lime juice on your child’s thumb. You can also repeat this remedy with other eating dislikes of your child. At least, it’s safer than any chemical-based nail paint!

5. Use A Reward System:

Every time your child gives away thumb sucking, use stickers on the calendar. Tell him that he will be rewarded every week or month if he abandons it completely. Most of the times, it works!

6. Allow Your Child To Develop Willingness:

For long term results, it is necessary for children to realize the aftermath of thumb sucking. It will make them leave this habit by themselves. Just keep talking and never compel!

7. Make The Child Realize That He’s Grown Up Now:

Kids tend to follow their favourites and hence, may finally give up for this adulation. Use examples of his favourite cartoon or comic character. Ask him questions like, “Have you seen Ben 10 suck his thumb?”

8. Try A Substitute:

Thumb sucking soothes children. Okay! Let’s try some other things that may do the same. Give your child lollipops, candies, or mint balls every time he feels like putting his thumb into his mouth.

9. Use A Thumb Guard:

It is a mould of plastic that can be fitted on the thumb, and it restricts thumb sucking quite effectively. But using it forcibly may affect your child’s psyche. So be cautious!

10. Don’t Pay Heed To It:

Yes, ignore your child’s thumb sucking. It sounds strange but sometimes, it is the way to go. Mostly children do this to attract your attention. So, ignoring is the best method to discourage. But always keep a secret eye on him!

Try these remedies for thumb-sucking habit and keep reminding him that you are always there to help him get out of this habit.

Do you know any other home remedies for thumb sucking? Share with us in the comments section below.

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