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Having great interest for writing, I always love to share my ideas with the readers. I love trying different make ups, hairstyles and would always come up with something new. I love travelling and my aim is to travel across the globe without missing a single country in my lifetime.

Top 10 Orchid Tattoo Designs

Are you planning to get inked? If yes, this article will help you to choose a good design. Today I will talk about Top 10 Orchid Tattoo Designs. Orchid is a unique flower and makes a great subject for tattoo […]

Top 10 Bridal Makeup Videos

Hey you beautiful brides out there! Dreaming about your special day?! Awww, i know you want to look perfect. Capturing every memory of your wedding with all the cameras around you!! Dontcha love when that happens?! Your plate is already […]

Top 10 Pink Tattoo Designs


Tattoos are becoming popular day by day. Earlier tattoos could only be done in black and white, but now you can have a tattoo in any color. Pink is a girl’s favorite color and pink tattoos’ popularity is increasing gradually […]

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