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Dr. Jayati Talukdar

Hi, I am Dr. Jayati Talukdar and I am the creator of Not a Celebrity blog and community.I am a Doctor, an MBA (ISB) and certified Nutritionist, Fitness and Yoga trainer. In my blog, I share tips on Nutrition, Fitness, Anti-Aging and much more. The idea is to look and feel Fabulous while making sure that you do not have to give up the fun stuff.Going through the various Indian blogs and articles, I got frustrated by wrong advice given by bloated women who have apparently never done any exercise themselves or followed any of the diet advice they recommend. It became clear to me that with the growth of internet, there are too many armchair experts as anyone can write an article on health, fitness, nutrition, anti-aging etc. by doing a bit of google search.What differentiates my tips and strategies is that the advice I share are based on techniques I have actually applied in my life and gotten results. And so have my friends and clients who have I consulted with.

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