Gracia Odile

Beauty & Lifestyle Writer

Relationships, Makeup, Tattoos
MA (Anthropology), University Of Madras, Chennai
3 years

Gracia Odile is a teacher-turned-beauty and lifestyle writer with three years of professional experience. She has a bachelor's degree in English from St. Stephen's College, a master's in Anthropology from the University of Madras, and a degree in education from GGSIPU. She is passionate about understanding the intricacies of human interaction in various cultural contexts. Her empathetic approach and captivating writing style enable her to churn out content in the realms of relationships, hairstyles, makeup, and tattoos, illuminating their transformative power in shaping our lives and identities.

She is a full-time plant mom and a part-time calligrapher and also enjoys reading, writing, and listening to poetry.

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