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Cholesterol Ratio Calculator

The Cholesterol Ratio Calculator helps you to quickly analyze your blood reports and calculates the cholesterol indicators (LDL and HDL levels) and assess the risk of heart disease and helps in maintaining your overall health.

Caffeine Calculator

Caffeine Calculator Calculates the amount of caffeine you can take during a day. Checkout if you should stop drinking coffee or drink more than one cup to regain your energy.

LDL Cholesterol Calculator

Calculate the amount of Low-Density Lipoproteins using LDL Calculator as the concentration of Lipoproteins is a very important parameter predicting the arteriosclerotic risk.

Body water Calculator

This body water calculator estimates the volume of water in your body. The value is obtained using your age, height, weight, and sex as parameters. This calculation is based on a formula developed by dr. P.E. Watson.

Carbohydrate Calculator

For all those who are willing to eat healthy, this carbohydrate calculator is an excellent tool. It helps you in calculating the total number of carbs per day you need to take in order to maintain a balanced diet and […]

Ideal Body Weight Calculator

Determine your ideal body weight using Body Weight Calculator by considering factors like gender, age, and height. Checkout out your ideal weight and possible risks associated with it.

Female Body Shape Calculator

Female Body Shape Calculator helps you to determine your body type based on some international metrics considering your bone structure and fat decomposition. This is the ideal way to know your body shape and reshape your figure.