5 Travel Essentials Every Woman Must Carry

By Bhavna Dubey

The first thought that comes to my mind when I think about traveling anywhere is, “How am I supposed to pack everything without missing my essentials at home, unlike my past trips?” So, if you’re reading this, I know where you’re coming from. I know the nightmares of needing something absolutely essential and setting a hunt for it by checking two to three overpacked suitcases right in the middle of your journey or after entering the hotel room. Trust me; we’ve all been there. Although I am not generalizing, many women get so caught up in packing their favorite dresses and accessories that they miss out on the essentials crucial for the trips. At least, I am guilty of it. That’s why I decided to jot down a list of five essentials that we, as women, need to carry while traveling. I’m hoping that this list will help all the lovely ladies planning to travel in the coming days!

Here’s a list of 5 travel essentials that women should never forget to pack in their travel bags:

1. Menstrual Hygiene Products To Rescue You On Your Periods While Traveling:

Menstrual Hygiene Products To Rescue You On Your Periods While Traveling


It’s pretty common for women to get slightly overconfident about their period due dates, especially when periods get delayed for at least a day or two every month. But what if you experience an early cycle this time? Nightmare, right? Periods can prove to be a spoilsport if you’re out on the beaches, ready to dive into the sea, and your tummy indicates an upcoming disaster. Although you can not always be 100% sure about when your period hits you, you always have a fair idea about when you got it the last month. Mark this date in your calendar. If you’re traveling anywhere near this date, even ten days apart, arm yourself with the sanitary product you prefer to use for your periods.

2. A Lotion To Keep Your Skin Glowing:



I have an issue of frequent skin dryness, and I relate to all those women who would do anything to prevent dry and flakey skin on their trips. It gets embarrassing when you’re out with your group, and you suddenly feel the need to scratch your dry and itchy skin to calm down. Well, guess what? I’ve found a fantastic moisturizing body lotion that perfectly suits dry skin and does a wonderful job retaining moisture overnight due to its Hydra-Nutri technology. Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion is exactly what you need to say goodbye to your dry skin woes and enjoy your trips. Rest assured that your skin will remain super soft for long hours because the lotion is known to retain moisture. On top of that, Cocoa Butter and Wheat Germ Oil make this lotion super-nourishing.

3. A Power-Bank To Keep Your Phone Alive:

A Power-Bank To Keep Your Phone Alive


If you’re someone who boasts about the 5000 mAh battery your phone offers, you should also consider that these days phone batteries drain faster, however strong the battery power is. This is because of people’s increasing data consumption habits. If you feel the need to keep posting glimpses of your tour on your Instagram stories, your battery is bound to drain fast. In that case, it’s a great idea to keep a power bank handy, and preferably in your handbag because you can need it any time of the day. Trust me; it’s a savior because you don’t just need your phone’s battery to last for social media but also to keep your family updated about yourself. And that’s why it’s so important to keep a power bank handy.

4. A Versatile Footwear To Fit All Your Plans:

A Versatile Footwear To Fit All Your Plans


Since you’re heading for a trip, you should understand that you can’t change your footwear according to the places you visit, simply because it’s difficult to carry multiple footwear during travels. One day you could be hiking, the next day, you could be rowing a boat, and the same day you might need to visit temples or churches. So plan your footwear, considering the places you need to visit and activities you need to indulge in during the trip. And like I said, try to have a pair of versatile shoes that fit most of your plans. It all boils down to your convenience in the end. So if you think you need a versatile pair of shoes along with an occasion-specific one, you should go ahead. If you ask me for a recommendation, I’d suggest you count on your regular (but good-looking) flats or sneakers.

5. A Multi-pouch Handbag To Keep Essentials Handy:

A Multi-pouch Handbag To Keep Essentials Handy


Of course, most of your essentials can sit in your handbag without much ado. Yeah, except for your footwear. But this is the most crucial travel essential because it keeps your other travel essentials handy. If you don’t have such a spacious but multi-pouch (having teeny-tiny secret pouches inside) handbag, you should purchase one, like right now. My handbag is not just my travel savior but also my everyday help. This is where I keep my tinted lip balm, a pair of sunglasses, my phone, a comb, face-wipes, the undisputed essentials of the pandemic era, aka masks and sanitizer, some cash and cards, along with my travel essentials.

After missing out on my essentials multiple times during various trips, I realized how important these five travel essentials are. Whether it be the Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion or the power bank, all of them are so important to me while traveling. That’s why I wanted to make sure that other women planning to go on vacation get an idea of what not to miss during their trips. If I missed out on any travel essentials you consider of the utmost importance, comment below and let us know. Let’s keep the list growing for all our sisters out there.

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