Become A Better You With BetterHelp

Written by Samiksha Panda • 

Today’s smart, modern, and fast-paced lifestyles keep everybody on their toes. From students and elderly to independent and multitasking women, individuals have unique triggers for stress and anxiety. However, paying attention to mental health is important to lead a happy and healthy life. Mental health plays a big role in shaping behavioral patterns, how we deal with or react to stressful situations, and how we understand others. BetterHelp helps break the stigma around seeking therapy for mental health. This online therapy service makes reliable and professional therapists accessible through the session mode of your choice – a simple phone call, live chat, video call, text, or messaging.

How Is BetterHelp Different From Classic In-Person Therapy?

Have you ever asked yourself: Do I need help? Going for therapy for the first time or having doubts about the process is quite natural. BetterHelp keeps that in mind and offers different communication forms for therapy. Commuting to a clinic and being in a session can be intimidating for many. In addition, formal setups may not provide all individuals with the level of comfort they seek. Therefore, the availability of various modes of communication will help you choose and be a part of the process wholeheartedly.

Opting for a live chat session is a good option if you dislike waiting long to get a reply. This feature helps replicate the feeling of getting in touch with a friend. The live phone option is also for people who express their issues better verbally. All personal details are kept discreet. If you are comfortable with or prefer face-to-face interaction, you can opt for a live video call option.

Your BetterHelp subscription includes access to 20-plus weekly live group interactions and seminars conducted by licensed therapists. This can also help you seek group support and know that you are not alone. If for some reason, you are unable to make it to the seminar, a recorded link will be mailed to you. BetterHelp carries the option of keeping journals. These personal digital worksheets come in handy to pen down your thoughts and feelings.

Why Choose BetterHelp?

Recent studies have shown that about 26% of Americans had a mental disorder over the past year, which roughly translates to 1 in 4 adults (1). Many individuals are concerned with the cost of therapy and are apprehensive if they can benefit completely from their therapist’s sessions. This large therapy platform is affordable and consists of expert mental health professionals tailored to your needs and preferences. They are easily accessible and can hold a session whenever and wherever you prefer. With the expertise of trained, licensed and experienced professionals, BetterHelp helps provide an authentic and satisfying experience.

You can select or adjust your session timings according to your schedule and even request another therapist if you are uncomfortable with your present therapist. This community of like-minded clients and professionals will make connecting and sharing your experiences easier. Joining these sessions is time-saving, too, as you don’t have to commute or drive all the way to the office or get stuck in waiting lists without any clear confirmation. In addition, the flexibility of dropping in a message at any time shows that professional help is available for you at all times.

Mental Health With BetterHelp

BetterHelp believes in making the world a better place and understands the importance of helping others in need. Their Social Impact Program strives to make therapy available and affordable to groups or individuals in need. They also help during times of crisis or natural disaster by providing mental care and support free of cost.

Not everybody is aware of therapy or has different reasons to not seek help; many possible reasons include not taking the signs seriously, fearing judgment, oversharing, or vulnerability. BetterHelp understands this and uses a digital platform to bust myths related to therapy. You can take charge of your mental health and sign up with BetterHelp, which has over 30,000 trustworthy and experienced therapists. With the help of modern technology, BetterHelp’s goal is to safeguard the client’s interests and keep every individual’s information discreet.

Find the right therapist for you with BetterHelp. All you need to do is answer the questions in the quiz and BetterHelp can pair you with a therapist in less than 48 hours. You can pick your preferred live session mode and enhance your subscription with various perks like interactive group seminars, journals, and more. Get matched with a therapist and get 20% off* your first month with BetterHelp! No code is required after signing up, and the discount will be automatically updated.