I’ve Got Wind in My Hair And Freedom On My Mind

Written by Soumita Ghosh

Free. Independent. Self-sufficient. These words have always drawn me towards them, tugging at my heartstrings. When someone said, “Beta, what do you want to be when you grow up?” the little me would answer, “A bird! I want to fly high in the sky.” The concept of independence had occupied my little heart even before I knew what it meant, and as the years passed, I did all I could to achieve it. I stepped out of the house into a new world I couldn’t wait to explore– a world as ruthless as people warned it would be, but a world full of opportunities to keep me on my toes. When I first got a taste of freedom, I knew that I would chase it forever. The ability to do things on my own, not need a hand, and know that I am enough was everything I needed to keep going. It’s no wonder that Lady Gaga’s Free Woman has been on my playlist for as long as I can remember. When she sings

I’m not nothing without a steady hand
I’m not nothing unless I know I can
I’m still something if I don’t got a man
I’m a free woman.

I feel it in my bones. It feels like the song was written for me! The drive to free myself from the shackles of patriarchy and be my unapologetic self pushed me to achieve many firsts, all by myself. My first internship, first job, first apartment, and first car– I built my dreams from scratch, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. And why would I?

I’ve Got Wind in My Hair And Freedom On My Mind -1

When I got my hands on my first car, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. The new Toyota Glanza has not only given me a taste of freedom; it has allowed me to take a dive. I don’t like to settle for anything, so I wanted a luxe car that would not just take me places but stand apart from the rest, just like me. Besides, Toyota’s new initiative of Driven By Her for women is everything I stand for, and I couldn’t wait to get behind the cause as soon as I found out about it. An initiative created for women? I had to follow the page right away! We have been walking behind men forever, and it’s time we change the status quo. It’s time we step out of the shadows into the sun and enjoy the tingling sensation of independence creeping up our toes to our head, the wind in our hair refusing to be tamed.

I’ve Got Wind in My Hair And Freedom On My Mind - 2

My car is more than just a means of transportation. It is who I am; it is what defines me. Whether I’m going to ace that presentation at work or letting my whims take me to a new nook off the beaten track, I don’t want anyone to sit beside me and give their unsolicited advice on how I should drive. I like being by myself, and thanks to the features of this gorgeous car, I don’t need anybody while I’m on the go. Even when I’m taking my squad out for a fancy dinner, I don’t want one of my friends to miss out on the latest gossip (trust me, they have plenty!) while assisting me in parking or reversing the car. The 360-degree camera of my Toyota Glanza does its job just fine and spares me its personal comments while at it!

I’ve Got Wind in My Hair And Freedom On My Mind - 3

Don’t even get me started on how much it irks me to depend on people while speaking on the phone when I’m driving. I am not too keen on someone holding the phone to my ear at an uncomfortable angle while I try to hear whatever is being said on the other side. That’s why the voice assistant in my car has been a savior! All I need to do is say, “Hey Toyota”, and ta-da, my car is at my service. It also has a “Hello Google” and “Hey Siri” voice assistant, so you do you, bestie!

I’ve Got Wind in My Hair And Freedom On My Mind - 4

Since we are talking about doing what we want, let me tell you a secret– as much as I love being responsible and in charge of everything, I also tend to be a little forgetful at times, but the challenge lies in taking care of it by myself, but if my car agrees to help me with it, who am I to complain? With its remote check and control features, it helps me find my car and lets me know if the doors are locked and the headlights are on or off. The cherry on the cake, however, is the hatchback. It has opened the doors for me to go hatchin’, go awesome, and made my experience on the road smooth and convenient. How easy it is for me to take control of my life when I have a smooth ride with me! When I hit the road, I don’t need anyone, just like I handle it all by myself in my life too – have been for some time now. Besides, with a look like that, my car is a solid head-turner, a feeling I’m pretty familiar with by now, haha!

I have the drive to get the maximum out of my life, and with the groundbreaking initiative ‘Driven By Her‘ by Toyota, I have found the space to spread my wings and soar, just like I wanted. Celebrate your drive and stay inspired on your journeys. As Beyonce once crooned, “Who run the world? Girls!

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