This Father’s Day, Go The Extra Mile With A Customized Deejo Pocket Knife

Written by Sreethu Sajeev

Most of us grow up idolizing our parents. More often than not, the father is the first in the long list of superheroes that we come to admire and worship. Fathers have a rare ability to bring out our weaknesses and mold them into strengths. They teach us how to float on alright in the middle of a storm, encourage us to take the leap and finally to fly on our own. Yet they ask for nothing in return but love and our presence around them. Hence we owe it to them to take time out of our busy schedules to bring joy and peace to their hearts.

Lucky for us, the world has set aside special days to celebrate those people in our lives who made us what we are today. The times may be tough, but that shouldn’t stop us from making the upcoming Father’s Day special. If you are wondering what to gift your wonderful dad on his day, we have a suggestion for you.

Take yourself back a century when carrying a pocket knife was the norm. In many families, a pocket knife is an heirloom passed on for generations. Not only is it an artifact that has many advantages in terms of utility, but it also adds elegance and style to a man’s demeanor. If you aren’t convinced yet, we have listed out the various advantages of carrying a pocket knife.

Benefits Of Carrying A Pocket Knife

Benefits Of Carrying A Pocket Knife

In addition to being a resourceful and handy tool, a pocket knife has many features that might come to your rescue if you find yourself in odd situations.

1. Utility

From cutting vegetables in the kitchen to trimming clothes, a pocket knife can be used to do much more than an average knife is equipped to do. With a pocket knife on you, you no longer have to rummage around looking for scissors or a knife. Consider the amount of time and energy saved in the process.

2. Confidence

Having a pocket knife in your possession could add to your charm. It could be an excellent addition to the look you wear. This is especially true if the knife in your pocket is custom-made for you, according to your tastes. There is no doubt that it could make you adept at many skills and also give you the opportunity to rise up to any occasion with self-assurance.

3. Durable And Versatile

Durability is one of the most attractive qualities of a pocket knife. A good pocket knife could last a lifetime or even longer. A well-made pocket knife is fit even for heavy-duty applications and does not wear down easily. It is also a versatile tool with multiple uses such as woodwork, or kindling a fire, if necessary.

4. Portable And Safe

As the name suggests, a pocket knife fits in the pocket of your clothing or the bag that you are carrying. It is usually light-weight and small, which makes it convenient to carry around. Its foldable design makes it safe to bear.

Customizing Your Gift

Customizing Your Gift

Deejo is an international brand with a presence all over the world. With a personalized Deejo pocket knife, you will be able to convey the respect and pride you have for your father more than a regular, store-bought gift ever could. With Deejo, you can customize the pocket knife to suit the unique personality of your dad, whatever his tastes may be.

Deejo has an extensive range of pocket knives from which you can handpick each feature and aspect. They come in different weights to suit different occasions of your use as well as three different finishes to choose from. In addition to that, there are many stylish choices for woodwork handles such as Juniper wood, Coralwood, as well as steel and carbon fiber handles. Take it up a notch and have your Deejo blade tattooed with an elegant illustration, which you can choose from over 60 available illustrations. Keep in mind your father’s unique personality and his brilliant quirks before choosing a motif that would make the knife truly his. To give it the final touch, add a personal twist by having it engraved, all in a few clicks online. An engraving is bound to add a signature to the piece, making it a priceless addition to his personal ensemble of accessories.

From home-baked cake to handpainted Father’s Day greeting card, we have always managed to bring a sparkle in his eyes. This year, gift your dad a Deejo pocket knife, customized with love from blade to handle. Is there a better way to make your love known?

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