How Does Amla Juice Help Boost Immunity Amidst Seasonal Changes?

Remember the time your mom didn’t let you have ice cream as she was afraid you might catch a cold? Do you remember being mad at her only to realize later that she was simply trying to prevent you from falling sick? Your mother was right to worry as our bodies take time to adapt to seasonal transitions. Allergy flare-ups, cold, flu, and other infections become a common occurrence. They might not be fatal, but they definitely disrupt our lives. Who likes to have multiple sneeze attacks when you just want to get done with your to-do list for the day and spend some time with your loved ones!

Whenever we go through seasonal fluctuations, we need to take special care of our health. With the 21st-century lifestyle, we need to be our healthiest possible selves to bring in a better tomorrow. One way of going about it is to strengthen our immunity. Ayurveda, an ancient, tried-and-tested system of medicine and your grandfather’s favorite, is an excellent way of bolstering our body’s natural resistance to diseases.

What Is The Role Of Ayurveda In Building Immunity?

What Is The Role Of Ayurveda In Building Immunity


Ayurveda believes that our body’s overall tenacity can be increased if we adopt a lifestyle that is in sync with nature. And starting from the medieval kings and queens to modern-day doctors, everyone holds nature in high regard. Ayurvedic texts emphasize the importance of consuming herbs. They offer a lot of health benefits and promote vigor and vitality. With our fast-paced lifestyles, it has become all the more important to cultivate a lifestyle that will shield us from diseases. Besides working out and maintaining a proper sleep schedule, we must be mindful of what we eat. One of the life-changing herbs that Ayurvedic experts always recommend is amla. The following properties of amla make it a life savior:

  1. Research shows that its fibrous content improves our digestive processes.
  2. Rich in vitamin C, amla has anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent antidote to seasonal woes like flu and cold, and thus, works wonders for your immunity.
  3. It is high in calcium, iron, and several minerals that further amplifies its food value.

What Are The Benefits Of Amla For Immunity?

What Are The Benefits Of Amla For Immunity


Amla is famous in Ayurvedic Rasayana as it helps rejuvenate our entire system. It’s like your mother’s touch that makes everything better. Amla has various antioxidants. It works like magic when it comes to detoxifying your system. It is tridoshic in nature, which means it balances and regulates all three doshas, leading to overall well-being. If you’re wondering how to procure this daily dose of nutrition that can change your life for the better, get your hands on Kapiva  Amla Juice! Packed with excellent nutrients, it aids your body’s mechanism to fight allergies by increasing your white blood cell count. Make your momma proud and start taking care of your own health from today! This juice also flushes out toxins and makes you healthy from the inside by giving a boost to your immune system. Its antibacterial and astringent properties protect your body from harmful bacteria.

For best results, mix two teaspoons of Kapiva Amla Juice with equal amounts of honey. Kapiva sources its amlas from Pratapgarh, UP. Did you know that Pratapgarh is known to be the heartland of amlas? In order to keep their nutritional value intact, Kapiva Amla Juice is cold-pressed. Heat-based processing often results in the loss of many valuable nutrients.

If you face digestive disorders during seasonal changes, don’t get worked up about it! Kapiva Amla Juice is your one-stop solution! Bid adieu to the days when digestive problems keep you from having a zoom party with your best friends! The goodness of its fibrous composition strengthens your digestive tract that makes the breakdown and assimilation of food more accessible. If you incorporate it into your diet, you will be able to notice the change in your gut health and bowel movements! It is also very effective in reducing acidity and gastric inflammation. You can add 20-30 ml of Kapiva Amla Juice to a glass of water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach to achieve the best results. It also has chromium which keeps carbohydrate metabolism in check. It makes your body more responsive to insulin. Hence, it helps keep your blood sugar levels in control.

KapivaAmla Juice

While eating a lot of seasonal fruits and veggies is a must, a little bit of extra support to our immunity never hurts anyone. Your body deserves to be appreciated because look at all the wonders it is capable of! So, show your body some love by keeping your amla juice close and regularly maintaining a healthy diet to help it triumph over seasonal transitions. To top it off, Kapiva Amla Juice also betters your oral health. It functions as a great mouthwash that eradicates bacterial and viral infestations in the mouth. The wonders of amla are countless!

You can drink amla juice any time of the day you want, but it’s best to consume it every morning on an empty stomach. To juggle household chores and work effectively, your body needs the support of nature. Natural remedies work wondrously on our immune system if leveraged the right way. Kapiva Amla Juice is an example of that. Now that you have unleashed the secret to good health, take the world by storm. Carpe Diem!


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