How to treat your skin after a holiday

Written by Samiksha Panda

Nothing beats the feeling of taking a long vacation after trying to give your everything at work. You deserve this relaxing time, to recharge and go back to work in a fresh state of body and mind. However, coming back to reality is far from just pure happiness. In order to jolt back to work mode, it may take a while to be mentally and physically prepared. And that is totally understandable. It is normal to miss the clear blue skies, calming waves, and exotic food you tried. So here are a few coping tips for you to make the transition from beach to work easier and smoother.

1. Pre-Plan Your Back-To-Work Schedule


It is great if you have wrapped up all the pending tasks before leaving for your vacation. But many miss the important step. Creating a short to-do list of projects that you are supposed to complete after joining back. Do this before you leave for your holiday. The feeling of loss and disconnect happens when you cannot recall half of the things that you thought you would never forget.

From deadlines, feedback, important emails, projects, and assignments, note down everything that you need to get back on track after the break. Do not miss out on dates. You can use this list as a reference after you are back so you do not feel completely overwhelmed. Still, if you fear missing something, ask your colleagues or boss to fill you in with a quick update after you are back. That is what understanding workmates are for after all!

2. Keep A Space Day


If your last vacation day is Sunday and you immediately join back on Monday, it will add a lot of pressure. Take it easy, return from your vacay at least one day prior so you have time to put your house back in order. Take your time to unpack, do the laundry, fill up on groceries, and set up your work desk again. There is no need to stress out about hurrying back and getting bombarded with emails and tasks. Ease yourself in it and you will deliver even better results. This is a very practical way for you to prepare yourself mentally and join back with a refreshed demeanor.

3. Embrace A De-Tanning Product Into Your Skincare


The bliss of getting tanned at the beach while sipping on a milkshake is unparalleled. But it would not look as cool when you are back to work complete with your tan lines. Imagine joining an important meeting, looking all sunburnt and crusty. Not so pleasant, right? To help return your skin back to its normal state, the right de-tanning products can make the job much easier. Look for products that are gentle on your skin and contain minimal or no harmful chemicals.

The Ozone Ayurvedics D-TAN Range can serve that purpose appropriately. It is a powerhouse pack of face scrubs, face packs, face wash, and facial cleansers that work together to get rid of regular as well as strong beachy tans. Free from parabens and sulfates, this skincare range not only treats the skin gently but also ensures that the natural oils of the skin remain intact. With all natural ingredients, such as lactic acid, lemongrass, shea butter, and arbutin, the chances of skin damage are minimized. Apart from a skin-brightening and glowing effect, these products can also help reduce dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. Using the Ozone Ayurvedics D-Tan range will help your skin get back its natural glow.

4. Prep Your Diet


This may not seem like much, but it is important to detox your body after returning from a fun vacation. Healthy eating will calm you down and help you be in the pink of health when you are finally ready to slay work-related tasks.

Since you engaged in various activities, traveled back and forth, and tried all the lip-smacking food, your body needs some time to get back to your regular routine. Make a healthy meal plan for at least a week that you can stick to after joining. Here is a little skeleton of what to keep in mind while planning your diet.

  • Amp up the fruits and vegetable intake.
  • Consume food in moderation and eat mindfully.
  • Increase your water intake to restore all the lost hydration.
  • Stay away from fried and processed foods for a while.

5. Have An Informal Chat With Your Peers


Get back to work in style, but there is no need to rush through all the tasks. Everybody gets that you joined after a while, so take it easy. Have some pep talk with your colleagues. Go grab some tea and share your adventures during the vacation. Show them the travel-worthy scenery clicks and talk about some interesting incidents. That is all you need to rebuild the stagnant rapport with your colleagues and also refresh your mind at the same time. It is a good way to breathe out your work stress.

Like in any other relationship, communication plays an important role in shaping healthy relationships at work. If your workplace does not have a happy and stress-free environment, it will add to your tension of coming back to work. Fun conversations will lift up your spirits and restore the excitement of returning back to do what you love.

Some other quick ways to relax could be to meditate, do some light exercise, and set up your vacation souvenirs at home. It is all a matter of mindset, enthusiasm, and your drive to revive your talents at work all over again.

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