How You Can Stay Confident Despite Dry Skin Woes

Written by Soumita Ghosh

The societal pressure to look flawless is no mystery, especially when we find ourselves constantly worrying about how we look. The worst thing about dry skin is not the discomfort, the itchiness, or even its appearance. It is the way it makes us feel inside. We tend to take our confidence for granted until the day our dry skin woes take over, and stepping out of the house without a second thought does not seem as natural anymore. 

We find ourselves angry, seething even. 

“How could my own body betray me like this?” 

We start by covering ourselves up at every social gathering and eventually decide to stay behind closed doors altogether. 

While dealing with something similar, I decided enough is enough. I reached out to the deepest parts of myself, parts that shied away from people, way too vulnerable to come out in plain view. I began exploring new hobbies to keep myself occupied. I also looked up skincare remedies so that I could take care of my skin properly. And eventually, it started getting better. A few steps taken at the right time, can actually go a long way. I can now step out with confidence despite my dry skin problems. I have learned how to care for my skin as well as MYSELF.

And here I share a few tips that helped me regain my confidence despite my dry skin woes. It is a reminder that you are not alone. 

How You Can Stay Confident Despite Dry Skin Woes

Be Gentle With Yourself

When our skin does not behave the way we want it to, stress creeps up our spine and courses through our veins until it reaches our brain. One look at the mirror, and the overwhelming negativity returns. For times like these, I suggest healthy self-talk. 

Don’t care for your skin because you are scared. Instead, care for it because it deserves your love. Always tell yourself that you are deserving of the skin you wish for. By doing so, you will practice genuine skincare that will help improve its texture. 

I remember how I used to reach for my bottle of Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion whenever my skin felt rough. I could sense it getting better with each application. And that was enough to keep me going. 

Build A Safe Space

Behind closed doors, I had no one to share my skin concerns with. I felt undeniably lonely. During these times, it is essential to remember that you don’t have to solve it all on your own. It’s okay to talk to someone you trust, join a  group, consult a dermatologist, or even a therapist who will keep you grounded throughout your journey.

I joined an art class, where we met every Sunday and shared snippets of our lives. When I opened up to them about my dry skin woes, they supported me and shared their issues, too. It was here that I learned about The Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion. I couldn’t be more thankful. Not only did I get rid of my skin problems, but I made good friends while doing so. It made me feel like I belonged somewhere, and these strangers became my safe space. 

The cherry on top? I can now paint as well!

Communicate With Your Skin

No, I am not telling you to talk to it and expect a verbal response. However, we often keep negative thoughts about our skin concerns bottled up until one day they explode, and we take them out on our skin. To prevent this, we should communicate with it.

Each time I felt unhappy with my dry skin, I journaled about it.

“What does my skin need to get better? How can I help?”

I would see how quickly it absorbed my Himalaya  Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion whenever I applied it. Once I started paying attention, I realized how hard my skin was working to protect me. 

Sometime during this practice, I stopped accusing my skin and started empathizing with it. My skin and I worked as a team, and I started noting down things I loved about it. Keeping a journal gave me a reality check on the effort my skin was making for me.

Engage Yourself

When my skin held me back from going out freely, I started investing time in things I love. I sketched, sang, danced, and journaled. I took a long, hot bath at night. I still do. 

After the bath, I shower all the love to my dry skin with a generous amount of Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion. By leveraging Hydra-Nutri technology, it nourishes my skin at night, and boy does it feel incredible to wake up to fresh, supple skin the next morning! 

I found happiness in myself, and I suggest you dig into things you love and set yourself free! 

In the process of watching my skin regain its smooth and soft texture, I immersed myself in hobbies and discovered that I am creative, imaginative, and a good cook. I am anything I want to be. 

Next time, instead of criticizing yourself about your rough skin, ask yourself, What can I do to make it better?” You will realize that you don’t need an elaborate routine to heal your skin. A bottle of Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion, a little compassion, and lots of self-loving will do the trick beautifully.

As Alessia Cara once crooned, “No scars to your beautiful; We’re stars, and we’re beautiful.”

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