It’s Not Your Hair Color, It’s The Metal In Your Hair!

By Arghyasree Chatterjee

Are you happy with your hair color? Is it able to deliver the expected results, or do you find the color uneven and blotchy? Also, are you facing issues like dry hair, brittle hair, and breakage even after taking care of your colored hair? If yes, then maybe it’s time to take a closer look at why the results of your hair color are not turning out as expected. Well, you would be surprised to know that one of the reasons behind this is metal particles that have accumulated in your hair over time every time you wash your hair. These invisible particles in water can have many adverse effects on your hair, including breakage and tampering with hair color outputs. So what exactly are these metals, and what can you do about them? Let’s find out.

Does All Water Contain Metal?

Does All Water Contain Metal

Yes. Water across all cities, countries, and continents contains metals. It can be a little less or more, but it is there. Even the cleanest of water can be loaded with metal particles. Shocking yet true. This is because when water flows through metal pipes, it erodes it, leading to the accumulation of metal in water. Subsequently, every shower or swim leads to these metal particles getting absorbed in your hair leading to hair damage and breakage.

How Does It Affect Your Hair

Depending on how porous your hair fiber is, it can absorb metals from water. Such accumulation over time damages your hair fiber, leading to breakage. Moreover, they also react with the hair oxidants during coloring sessions leading to the color not being able to attach properly to your hair surface, leaving you with unsatisfactory results.

Is There Any Solution?

Is There Any Solution

Seven years of intensive research by hair care experts and scientists have led to the creation of the L’OREAL Professional Metal DX range. This range comprises compounds that help neutralize metals. The benefits of the products can be reaped at the salon and also at home with a follow-up regime.

How Does It Work

Metal DX

To find out how the Metal DX works, let us get a better insight into treatment at the salon and follow-up regime at home. While the in-salon treatment includes pretreating colored hair and caring for it post coloring, the at-home regime includes follow-up care in three simple steps that we can do right from our homes to help maintain color vibrancy and hair health.

In-salon Treatment

The in-salon treatment comprises a four-step protocol that results in excellent coloring results and healthy, strong hair.

1. Treating Hair With The Metal DX Metal Neutralizer Pre-Treatment:

This is the first step done at the salon and is a vital step. This is because the invisible metal particles in your hair can affect the coloring results and may also damage your hair post coloring, leading to breakage. Treating your hair with Metal DX Metal Neutralizer Pre-Treatment that contains Glicoamine helps neutralize the metal particles inside your hair fiber, getting your hair ready for the coloring process.

2. Cleansing Hair With The Anti-Metal Cleansing Cream Shampoo:

This rich cream shampoo helps detoxify hair after any color, balayage or lightening services. It transforms into a concentrated foam to gently clean the fiber and remove the accumulation of metal particles. It comes in the form of a light gel that lathers quickly and is easy to rinse. Its citrusy, musky fragrance is an add-on that leaves you and your hair feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

3. Going for an Anti-Deposit Protector Mask:

Applying the Metal DX Mask protects the hair fibers from particle deposits after any color, balayage, or lightning services. It is enriched with Glicoamine and leads to hair that is intensely nourished, and incredibly shiny.

4. Following Up With The Anti-deposit Protector Care:

The Metal DX Anti-Deposit Protector Care protects the hair fibers from particle deposits after any color, balayage or lightning service. It also helps maintain color vibrancy while preventing metal particles from accumulating back.

At Home Treatment:

Metal DX

The at-home follow-up care regime is as essential as the in-salon treatment to maintain color vibrancy while ensuring strong, and beautiful hair with an intense shine. It includes cleansing hair with the Anti-Metal Cleansing Cream Shampoo, followed by the Anti-Deposit Protector Mask. They work together to care for your colored hair professionally in the comfort of your home.

For glossy, shiny, beautiful hair color, treat your hair from within. The Metal DX range from L’Oreal Professionnel enables you to get the desired results and protect your hair from breakage and damage, which are common problems associated with hair coloring.

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