Lack Of Self-Esteem Due To Dry Skin? These Tips Are For you

Written by Shubhangi Thakur

Getting clicked and maintaining the aesthetics of my pictures that get posted on Instagram is undoubtedly one of my favorite things to do. I am someone who is always up for posing in those ritzy-glitzy photoshoots; it turns out that the camera is my best friend! So, no matter what mood I am in, getting clicked is always a part of my everyday routine. However, when the cold season starts creeping in, so does the beginning of my unending problems associated with dry skin, which immediately brings down my confidence to flaunt myself in front of the camera. I am someone who loves fairy tales and magic spells, so I also tried my own version of the Snow White magic mirror spell for fun, “mirror mirror on the wall, who has the softest skin of them all?”. Unfortunately, the mirror never replies, “My Queen, your skin is the softest of all”! So, if you are anyone like me, I can totally relate to your struggles.

Do you know what I did to solve my low self-esteem caused by dry skin? After thorough research with the help of various sources, I found ways that actually work. I discovered the benefits of Cocoa butter and Wheat germ oil in retaining moisture in dry skin. These naturally derived ingredients softened my skin and increased its elasticity. Also, I now use only those skin care products that give my skin intense moisturization and hydration. After trying several creams, moisturizers, and lotions, the one product that gives me 100% satisfaction is the Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion, carefully formulated with Hydra-Nutri balance technology to lock in moisture within my skin. I am now comfortable in my skin, even during winters.

The tips detailed in this blog are the ones I personally curated to incorporate Cocoa butter, Wheat germ oil, and other nourishing ingredients in my daily skincare routine. I am sure it will help you too.

Your Skin Will Love Natural Ingredients

I have always believed that my skin is like the best outfit I wear every day. So, even when looking for skincare products as a solution to my dry skin, I ensure that the lotions or moisturizers that I buy contain no harmful chemicals and offer the goodness of Cocoa butter and Wheat germ oil. It’s known that cocoa butter has fat nutrients that effortlessly build a protective barrier over the skin to contain its natural moisture level. Meanwhile, Wheat germ infuses antioxidants and Vitamin E into my skin, healing the dry skin and giving it a glow.

According to research, harmful chemicals can cause damage to other organs if absorbed by the skin. Keeping this in mind, I always opt for products containing natural ingredients. By opting for lotions like Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion, I rest assured that I am using a high-quality emollient to protect my skin from drying and cracking.

himalaya moisturizer

Moisturize Your Skin After Every Bath

Whenever I bathe, I love to imagine being the singer in a concert, and I usually end up spending hours in my bathroom, but that’s one of the causes of dry skin. According to the research, limiting the bathing time to 5 or 10 minutes is suggested. Skipping hot water and switching to lukewarm water has also helped my skin. Not only this, moisturizing skin after every bath is mandatory if you want it to be soft and smooth.

After bathing, the skin needs intense hydration. For this, I rely on Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion as my after-bath dry skin remedy. It offers Hydra-Nutri technology for deep nourishment, intense moisturization and dry skin repair, leaving my skin fresh and supple all day long. As the skin is receptive to hydration, immediately after a bath, I massage the lotion gently all over the body, giving utmost attention to super dryness-prone areas. It actually works magic.

You Should Maintain A Night Skincare Routine

Before you complete your day and sleep like a baby on your bed, don’t forget to give your skin its much-needed dose of nourishment and care. Begin the nighttime skincare routine by taking a bath or cleaning your body with a warm wet towel. Then go ahead and give your skin the care it needs by moisturizing it. I love moisturizing my skin before going to bed; after all, who doesn’t like waking up with feather-like soft skin, isn’t it? So, for my night skincare routine, I chose Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion with all the benefits of cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, and the Hydra-Nutri technology. Similarly, it would be best if you too come up with a regular nighttime skincare routine. Also, don’t forget to include an effective moisturizer or lotion as a part of it.

I incorporated these tips effortlessly with the help of Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion! It resolved my dry skin woes with the goodness of Cocoa Butter, Wheat germ oil, and Hydra-Nutri technology. Well, now that you have discovered these super helpful ways to nourish your dry skin, make sure you follow them.

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