Why Switching Over To A Herbal Face Bleach Was One Of The Smartest Decisions I Took.

Written by Samiksha Panda

Before I get into the details of face bleaching, a few things need to be addressed. The color of one’s skin does not define beauty. But everyone craves clear, soft skin free of marks or uneven tone. Going about our daily routine, we engage in different tasks and ensure that we put our best foot forward in whatever we do. That includes looking fresh and presentable, which we make sure of by dressing according to the occasion. It also includes a fresh face that makes us feel confident.

I have always had trouble dealing with skin pigmentation and dark acne spots. Since I have sensitive skin, I was wary of many skincare products that claimed they could lighten the skin. Bleaching was out of the question due to the many side effects of chemical bleaches, which I will discuss later. But my final savior became a herbal face bleach that I would recommend to everyone. First, let’s begin by understanding the crux of facial bleach.

Facial Bleach – What Does It Entail?

Facial bleaches are supposed to lighten the hair on the face and, as a result, leave a glowing effect on your skin. Bleaches can come in many forms, such as bleaching creams, gels, and salon treatments like chemical peels and laser therapy. They all help in lightening our skin tone.

Going deeper, bleaches lessen the skin’s melanin content, both in volume and its production. This volume of this pigment in your skin is dependent on your genetics. For instance, if you have a lighter skin tone, the melanin content is lesser, and if you have darker skin, your skin has more melanin. However, many factors are responsible for melanin production, like hormonal changes, UV rays, and other chemicals.

Why Is It Convenient?

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Quick Results – Many of us struggle to get brighter skin tone due to the time-taking process. From homemade methods to coveted skincare products in the market, patience and consistency is the key. Not everyone has the time to put in that kind of effort. That’s when facial bleaches come to the rescue. As it lightens the facial hair in a few minutes, the skin automatically appears brighter.

It’s Painless – Threading and waxing are pretty painful, and bleaches can solve that problem quickly. If you want the tiny, problematic hair to disappear, it is not necessary to get them removed. A bleaching process will make things more manageable.

Lightens Spots – If you have any pigmentation, acne marks, or dark spots, bleach does an excellent job of making them appear lighter and leaves the skin looking bright.

Concerns With Chemical Bleaches

Ozone Ayurvedic’s Instant GLO Bleach

I am sure you are familiar with the side effects of chemical bleaches. A lot of countries have banned chemical products that bleach skin. Skin bleaching creams are associated with mercury poisoning, which is a lethal health issue. The signs and symptoms include raging blood pressure, tiredness, fatigue, numbness, and sensitivity to light. It can also lead to nerve issues, loss of memory, kidney failure, and irritation in severe cases.

If you have sensitive skin that quickly reacts to certain chemicals, chemical bleaches are a big no. You can contact dermatitis due to the potent bleaching agents present in the products. Inflammation, redness, itching, swelling, blisters, and ulcers are all dermatitis symptoms.

Herbal Bleaches – The Best Alternative To Chemical Bleaches

Ozone Ayurvedic’s Instant GLO Bleach

After researching bleaches initially, I was pretty skeptical about it. The results were quick, but the side effects were too high a risk. After digging into it a bit, I discovered the glorious and safe benefits of herbal bleaches. Since the ingredients are natural with minimal usage of chemicals, it delivers satisfactory results and minimizes any health risk.

Since I swear by Ozone Ayurvedic’s Instant GLO Bleach because it is very gentle on my skin, I’ll explain why this herbal bleach works safely on all skin types. Sometimes, unwanted facial hair can naturally make your skin look dull and unevenly dark, even if your original skin tone is brighter. Chemical bleach creams instantly whiten the strands and the skin, but they are very harsh on the skin, and the health hazards are innumerable. Sometimes, it can lead to redness and inflammation, which is the last thing you want.

Therefore, a safer alternative is herbal bleach like Ozone Instant Glo Bleach, which will not only make your skin lighter and brighter but also ensure that your skin is not irritated. With no added preservatives, mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, and artificial coloring agents it helps maintain the pH level of your skin. The concentrations are mild with no strong-smelling irritants that cause burning. This was heaven-sent for me as I have really sensitive skin.

The Ayurvedic formula makes the bleach even more effective in the ingredients. Its key ingredients are aloe vera and turmeric. Both natural ingredients are instrumental in getting rid of sun damage, moisturizing, and helping in having healthy skin along with a radiant complexion. There are also milk extracts that help soothe the skin. What stood out to me was its easy application and instant results.

Don’t think twice before getting a herbal bleach as its safe formulations are guaranteed to work wonders for your skin. It will leave you with a brighter complexion while repairing damage and spots. Ozone Ayurvedics follows the ancient and authentic Ayurvedic practices. As a result, their recipe formulations are unaltered for maximum potency.

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