The Best Body Lotion to Get You Through the Winter. Certified By A Band Of Sisters.

Written by Bhavna Dubey

We’re three sisters in my family, and we’re very close to each other. Growing up we were each other’s support system. We talk about everything, from relationship problems to skincare routines and we share everything with each other. Just a few weeks back, my sisters and I were talking at length about our winter woes. The cool weather affects everybody, and we have to take special measures to keep our skin hydrated and moisturized. Come winter, and we’re all looking for a good moisturizer to keep our skin moisturized and nourished. If we don’t keep slathering moisturizer often, chances are that it will start itching, making it really hard not to scratch. And who likes dry and itchy skin? The problem was pretty much the same with my sisters. We were all looking for a solution and tried many creams and potions. We even bought special oils, but none of us were big fans of the greasy feeling post-application. So, the dry skin issue has been lingering around for long enough now.

As I’ve been working from home for more than a year, I have gotten used to sharing most of my skin-care products with my sisters. You know how it is with sisters! And guess what, no matter what we applied, it couldn’t keep our skin moisturized and soft, even in pre-winter conditions. We were on the lookout for an intense moisturizing lotion that would take care of our problems for once and for all. When one of my colleagues recommended the Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Care lotion, I didn’t think much about it. After all, we had tried so many others. But this girl was raving about it, and I thought to myself, “Maybe I should give it a shot!” So I headed to our nearby shop and purchased the Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion, and boy! Was I surprised? A few days of application and now I can’t do without it! I asked my sisters to try it too, and even they were taken aback by how effective this lotion was. My sisters and I have been using it for a few weeks now, and it has become our family’s favorite lotion. I have even started recommending it to my friends and family.

The Best Body Lotion to Get You Through the Winter. Certified By A Band Of Sisters.

Let me give you a few reasons why this lotion became our favorite pick for the winters:

1. Deeply Nourishes The Skin: As the contents of a moisturizing lotion seep into the skin, they need to be highly nourishing for the skin. This body lotion is enriched with Wheat Germ Oil and Cocoa Butter, both natural emollients. The combination of the highly potent Wheat Germ Oil and Cocoa Butter has a soothing effect on the skin, and it nourishes the skin thoroughly, making dull skin look healthy and bright again. Our skin has been glowing since we started using the Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion. 

2. Locks In The Moisture: Both Cocoa Butter and Wheat Germ oil not only replenish the lost moisture in dry skin but also keep it soft and supple throughout the day by locking in the moisture. With continued usage, I have noticed that my skin dries out less frequently, and we love the fact that we don’t have to worry about dry skin when we leave the house. The fact that Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion keeps my skin hydrated without having to use it all day excessively has earned it a permanent position on my dressing table.

3. Repairs And Heals The Skin: Cocoa Butter is rich in antioxidant properties and Vitamin E. While antioxidants promote healing of damaged skin and prevent it from further drying, Vitamin E is responsible for rejuvenating dull skin. My skin starts flaking with the onset of winters, but with the continued use of this lotion, I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in the condition. My sisters also shared that its application soothes the skin and controls itchiness, a common problem in winters.

4. Enriched With Hydra-Nutri Balance: It’s common for many people to moisturize their skin at least twice a day during winters. Once after bath, and the second time before going to bed. Our family also has a similar routine. Before hitting the sack, we have been moisturizing our skin with an abundant amount of Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion for some weeks now. This lotion nourishes the skin extensively during the night by leveraging its Hydra-Nutri technology. And to our surprise, our skin appears very fresh and supple when we wake up the next day. 

5. Best Suited For Dry Skin: Because of its intense moisturization and healing properties, Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion is best suited for people with dry skin. Although I picked this moisturizing lotion just for a trial, it has become an absolute necessity for my skin now. It moisturizes my skin and keeps the moisture locked into the skin for hours, keeping the skin hydrated and soft. The best part is, my skin doesn’t feel itchy and flakey during winters now. 

You might have already realized that this body lotion has multiple benefits that make it the best pick for me and for everyone struggling with dry skin problems during winters. I can’t believe my winter-woes are a thing of the past now! As my family loved this lotion the same way I did, we’re going to continue using it throughout this winter season and even in the years to come. I’m glad I could finally get my hands on a lotion that actually works for me. Those of you who are using this lotion already, you know what I’m talking about. And for those who haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you get a bottle right now. You can thank me later :)

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