The Best Kajal Is The One That Won’t Irritate Sensitive Eyes

If there’s one makeup product that can amp up the whole vibe of your look instantly, it’s deep black kajal. With so many makeup tricks and tips to make your eyes look bigger, kajal is one makeup product that can effortlessly make eyes the focal element. Believe it or not, almost all women share a special bond with kajals. However, we often don’t realise that something we use so often, in sensitive areas like eyes, should not contain harmful toxins.

We are sure you must be struggling with days where you want to mesmerize people with your eyes and their Kajal game, but the itchiness caused by kajals restricts you; well, we can surely relate with you! This is why we did thorough research, and we went on a deep quest to find kajals that won’t irritate sensitive eyes. So, perk up, ladies, because here we combed out the most loved, reliable, and perfect for sensitive eyes kajal that you’ll be in love with.

So, while we were on a quest to find friendly and safe kajals, we came across a study showing that most kajals contain harmful chemicals like phthalates and parabens known for disrupting the hormones like estrogen as well as causing severe allergic reactions. Many kajals are toxic enough to cause long-term infections and dry eyes as the harmful content can block the oil glands present in the eyelids. So, whenever you decide to wear a kajal, ensure to check the ingredient list because we want you to wink sass, not with itchy eyes! The skin on the upper and lower eyelids is considered one of the most sensitive areas of the face that can easily absorb the chemicals present in the kajal. So, one needs to be extra careful while buying eye makeup products.

So, now without any further ado, go ahead and uncover the kajal that suits well for your sensitive eyes and will also level up your eye makeup game! Not only this, read further to know various adverse effects of using chemical infused kohl or kajal.

Adverse Effects of Chemicals in Kohl and Kajal

Before you add kajal that contains chemicals to your shopping cart, here are a few adverse effects that you need to know about these products.

  1.  Kajal can cause corneal ulcers, which can also potentially lead to blindness.
  2.  Glaucoma can also be caused by chemical-infused kajal.
  3.  Many kajals contain lead, a metal that should not be used anywhere near the eyes, as the eyelid skin can easily absorb this poisonous metallic content.
  4.  Many people face allergic conjunctivitis due to the consistent application of these kajals due to the harmful chemicals.
  5.  The eyelid skin becomes wrinklier and gets creases.
  6.  The harsh chemical can cause scratching on the pupil during the application of kajal.

Having said that, here are kajals we found worthy of praise. Neither it has harmful chemicals or alarming content that cause health hazards. The kajals from Mamaearth are natural and safe.

Get To Know MamaearthKajal and Kohl

If you are someone who can’t go one day without applying kajal, the MamaearthKajals are meant for you. Yes, you read that right; you can now make your eyes look bigger and more attractive every day without worrying about the side effects of harsh chemicals. Wondering what the brownie point is? It offers the goodness of chamomile and castor oil that hydrates the eyes’. So, bid goodbye to your everyday struggle of overthinking about the chemical ingredients while applying kajal because this product is not only a healthy and safe option but also offers a sassy look with its deep charcoal pigmentation.

The Benefits of MamaearthKajals

You can now finally slay a kajal rimmed look that will redefine your personality at ease without any worries, thanks to the MamaearthKajals. So, go ahead and know more about the benefits of making this product your new eye makeup staple!

  1.  Chamomile in the kajal and Kohl helps soothe the eyes and the Vitamin C nourishes the eyes. Castor oil keeps eye healthy and prevents infection.
  2.  Who said anything that’s organic couldn’t be stylish? Certainly not MamaearthKajals, as it offers intense black pigmentation with a smudge-proof finish.
  3.  This cruelty-free and vegan product is waterproof as well, so no matter where we are heading, we can count on it.
  4.  There are days when work days are long, and the face gets weary, but MamaearthKajals are 11 hours long-lasting, so no more worrying about a tired face.
  5.  It’s toxin-free so that you can be carefree.

Finally, you have found the right kajal/kohl to treat your eyes with; so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and slay all your looks with utmost sass. Add MamaearthKajals to your cart and let us know how you liked it in the comment section.

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