Worried About Hair fall? Try This Amazing Product!

by Saumya Gaur

Who doesn’t want to wake up to a good hair day? A luxurious mane is a beauty asset that every woman desires. We are not exaggerating when we say that having a thick, luscious mane can certainly put a good spin on a bad day. But in today’s stressful and hectic times, we often see women struggling to find good hair days. Like that’s not enough, even Open Hair Days seems like once a week luxury. Most of us keep our hair tied for the fear of either hair fall or looking like a disheveled zombie! Sporting smooth, silky, voluminous open hair is the boon only magazine cover models seem to have. Hairfall has become a major problem among women these days, and the reasons are many. It is this very hairfall that often stands in the way of open hair days.

Our environment and fast-paced lifestyles only add to the problem. The pollution in the environment, the dust particles, the humidity, the heat tools we use — all of these factors take a toll on the health of our hair. And we can never find the time in our busy lives to fortify our hair against these aggressors. So, at the end of the day, our hair does take a heavy beating. And it becomes evident when we see more and more of our hair strands on our brushes, pillowcases, and combs. We can already see you nodding your heads in agreement.

The Only Solution You Need For Hair Fall


The Only Solution You Need For Hair Fall

Hair fall is a problem that many of us are familiar with. And perhaps that is why there are so many products in the market that claim to be the miraculous solution for it. But here’s the thing. These supposedly miraculous products often fall short of their claims. They also contain harmful chemicals and preservatives, which only aggravate the problem.

So, what’s the solution for this? This is where we come in. We recently came across a great new product launched by the haircare giant, Pantene, called the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution or Pantene AHS. Now, most of you would be wondering how is this any different from all the other options in the market.

Well, first and foremost, the reason we were able to trust it was because Pantene is a renowned brand in the world of hair care, since its inception in the 1940s. They are well known for their vitamin expertise, having discovered the powerful pro-vitamin formula in the past. But the real reason that got us excited about this product was its unique combination of new and modern with the old and natural.

The Benefit Of An Ancient Secret In A Modern Avatar


This product combines the beneficial properties of the powerful pro vitamin with the ancient Chinese secret of fermented rice water to create a hair fall solution that combats the issue of hair fall by strengthening it from within. Like most cultures, the Chinese relied on natural ingredients when it came to taking care of their hair. And to do this they chose to use fermented rice water as a hair tonic.

Fermented rice water is a treasure trove of beneficial nutrients. It has vitamins E, B3, and B5 which promote a healthy scalp, giving your hair a supportive environment to grow in. Along with the vitamins, it also has 8 essential amino acids that strengthen the hair from inside, allowing it to withstand damage. Using fermented rice water to wash hair allows it to soak up these nutrients and grow stronger from inside. It gains vigor, shine, and elasticity, which substantially reduces the problem of hair fall.

Now Pantene’s Advanced Hairfall Solution combines these amazing properties of fermented rice water with its unique pro-vitamin formula to create a one-stop solution for hair fall. It aims to fortify your hair from its roots to its tips so that it can withstand damage without falling out. And it aims to do so within 14 days!

We had no qualms in recommending this product to you because it relies on natural ingredients and nutrients to make your hair stronger from inside. Unlike other products, which provide mere cosmetic solutions, to treat the symptoms of the problem instead of the real problem. For those of you, who are inclined towards natural hair care, this is the most convenient and cost-effective way to do so.


If you want to treat the issue of hair fall in an organic and long-lasting manner, this is the product you should go for. With this product, you get to reap the benefits of years of hair care expertise, combined with ancient Chinese wisdom, that too, in the comfort of your own home.

So go ahead, try out Pantene’s Advanced Hairfall Solution to give your hair the love and care it needs. Do let us know how it worked out for you in the comments section.

Here’s to many good open hair days, ladies! Cheers!

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