Why Do Most Women Trust Henna For Coloring Hair Rather Than Chemical Colors

Whether someone believes in changing their hairdo regularly or likes to stick to a standard haircut, all women reading this will agree that they have considered rocking hair dyes more than once. The reason may be to mask subtle grays or try out something new. Experimenting and keeping up with the trends is reigning supreme nowadays, but individuals will never sacrifice the safety of their hair for it. The debate is always between synthetic and chemical hair dyes and Henna. Colors containing chemicals make hair rough and brittle and increase the chances of hair fall, scalp dryness, or in certain cases, trigger allergies.

Hair coloring enthusiasts have now become more aware of the advantages of natural products and want something that will produce excellent results and maintain hair health. Cue Henna, which is an ancient Ayurvedic pick and also a safe blessing for red hair lovers. Let us share some important reasons why women are now preferring Henna to chemical dyes.

Chemical Colors Are Damaging All The Way

Why Do Most Women Trust Henna For Coloring Hair Rather Than Chemical Colors1

1. Bleach Or ‘Affordable’ Chemical Colors Can Trigger Migraine

Bleach rips the natural hair color and locks the shaft for quite a long time since bleach does not fade away easily and stays firm. The chemical present in bleaches can give rise to recurring headaches.

2. Harsh & Strong Scent

Have you ever contracted a headache with ultra-strong deodorants or perfumes? It also applies to synthetic hair colors. The added scent is also amplified, which can be irritable and cause allergies in some individuals. Henna dyes do not have such harmful ingredients.

3. The Salon Process Is Taxing

We like to spend a fortune to get that beautiful color, but hair follicles lack proper nourishment no matter how many color-friendly products you use. The hairstylist tugs at the hair to wrap it properly in the foil and tenses the scalp. Plus, the added weight of the foils puts physical stress on the scalp. The process is time-taking and can range from an hour or even more, which triggers muscle pain apart from hair damage.

Henna – A Perfect Hair Coloring Choice

Why Do Most Women Trust Henna For Coloring Hair Rather Than Chemical Colors2

The medicinal benefits and properties of Mehandi have always taken center stage dating back to ancient India and Egypt. Henna in its raw form contains tannins, a plant compound that helps hair gain volume, shine, and a smoother texture.

1. Safe, Natural Coloring

While planning to get hair chemically dyed, we might worry about the damaging aftermath. But there are no such concerns with Henna, thanks to its natural, safe effects. The reddish component in Henna comes from lawsone, which is naturally red. Here is how it works. After leaving the thick paste in your hair, it gradually transfers from the hair shaft to penetrate the cuticle. It merges with the keratin present in the strands and makes the hair more robust and more nourished. The result is a beautiful natural red.

2. No Scalp Damage

Unlike chemical dyes that rip natural oils from the scalp, Henna balances and controls sebum secretion in the scalp. Not only does it gently remove deposited dirt from the surface, but it also helps retain the alkaline balance. A balanced pH keeps the scalp healthy. Henna also acts as a natural cooling agent.

3. Natural Conditioner

Since Henna acts as a shield to the hair follicles, it nourishes deeply and helps trap the moisture within. It protects the scalp and promotes healthy hair, and prevents excess hair-fall, leading to lustrous and soft hair. As it unclogs pores effectively, there will be a marked change in the hair texture if you use Henna regularly. The result is conditioned and thick hair. A hydrating ingredient is very beneficial, especially for individuals with dry hair or scalp. There are also fewer chances of split ends or brittle hair due to its strengthening properties.

4. Removes Dandruff

As mentioned before, Henna contains antifungal properties that help get rid of itchiness, prevent greasiness, and cleanses the scalp to avoid dandruff build-up. Unlike conventional dyes that leave residue, dry out the scalp, and lead to itchiness and dandruff, Henna is a much safer and more effective option.

To help you understand and narrow the search for a Henna hair dye that shows satisfactory results and makes your hair look gorgeous, here is a glowing recommendation – Ozone Henna Conditioner.

How Does Ozone Henna Conditioner Provide That Extra Nourishment With Long-Lasting Color?

Why Do Most Women Trust Henna For Coloring Hair Rather Than Chemical Colors3

Many Henna hair dyes argue about their rich, beautiful color and conditioning properties, but Ozone Henna Conditioner is more than that. This certified 100% organic product is rich in herbal ingredients, such as Amla and Methi, protecting and nourishing the scalp. Amla contains Vitamin E, which helps repair and condition hair. Additionally, methi is rich in Vitamin B, reducing hair loss and propagating hair growth. Other key ingredients include – Shankapushpi, a flower that helps control hair fall; Bhringaraja, for nourishment, and Reetha, which keeps dandruff at bay. These plants bring life to the hair strands and have been included in Ayurvedic formulations for boosting hair health.

Henna hair dyes can cause patchy coloring if not applied carefully. But Ozone Henna Conditioner makes the process easy and ensures uniformity in color without leaving out parts. It can mask gray hair perfectly. The color remains for quite a long time without fading out within a few weeks. More importantly, it is free from added chemicals like coloring additives, ammonia, peroxide, and other harmful preservatives. The formulation is anti-allergic and suitable for all hair types. Drop all your hair coloring concerns and grab Ozone Henna Conditioner for voluminous, natural, vibrant red hair

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