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STOP The Flakes & STOP The Itching. FOREVER. Why Is This Ayurvedic Hair-Oil Replacing Anti-Dandruff Shampoos?

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  • Do you want a long-term, permanent cure for dandruff?
  • Do you use anti-dandruff shampoos, lotions, creams or conditioners?
  • Do you try to hide your flakes and itchiness so people don’t notice your dandruff?
  • Do you have a dry scalp that feels tight when you brush your hair?
  • Did you say yes to any of these?

If you did, it’s time for action, and you urgently need to read what’s below.

Remember, improperly treated dandruff can lead to poor scalp health. Poor scalp health means poor hair health. That means: you'll at high risk of developing hair-fall.

Dandruff Shampoos Are Harming Your Hair

Regular dandruff remedies like anti-dandruff shampoos, lotions, serums, etc. usually contain Ketoconazole, Zinc Pyrithione (ZPTO), Salicylic Acid, Selenium Sulfide, and other non-organic ingredients. Studies from US National Library Of Medicine show that with sufficient use, these very ingredients may lead to increased dryness, increased irritation. The worst side-effect of them all, is the most dreaded one: hairfall!

This is because Dandruff is a scalp-condition. It's caused by a Malassezia fungal infection, dry skin, improper nutrition, helmet-wearing, hormones, and many other reasons. These common solutions you are using simply wash the flakes and oiliness away, along with essential oils and moisture on your scalp. This causes increased dryness, and increased irritation. In fact - these ingredients can eventually lead to more dandruff!

If not addressed properly, dandruff can be dangerous for your hair. Scalp health is important for healthy hair. Poor scalp health due to consistent use of these ingredients - will eventually lead to more irritation, itching, and inflammation - causing more dandruff, and even hairfall.

Just know this - a final solution to all your dandruff concerns does exist.

Introducing Royal Indulgence Darvi:
An Anti-Dandruff Oil With 54 Ayurvedic Ingredients For Dandruff-Care That You Can Rely On

Royal Indulgence Darvi can bring you permanent results. This 100% all-natural, herbal hair oil is uniquely infused extensively with 54 herb and plant extracts. Using proven and powerful dandruff-defeating ingredients, Darvi cleans, repairs and calms your scalp for long-lasting dandruff-care!

Royal Indulgence Darvi has natural antifungal and antibacterial ingredients like Neem, Tulsi and Cinnamon to fight the infection-causing microbes. It locks in moisture with Extra-Virgin Olive oil, Mustard oil, and Karanji oil. It removes flakes using Natural Sulphur - to be safe and gentle while being as effective as any synthetic alternative.

Jatamansi and Cinnamon soothe any irritations on your scalp. All the ingredients in Darvi work on your scalp without drying it out, or causing any itchiness. Darvi has all your dandruff complaints taken care of!

Forget about putting questionable anti-dandruff solutions on your scalp for temporary results at best. After the initial usage period of just 7 weeks, you'll only have to use Darvi once a month!

In just 10 applications Darvi, have up to 70% of your dandruff problem disappear permanently. 30-days of this hair-oil regimen will reduce 90% of dandruff your for good. Dandruff simply will not return like before. In 2 months, your dandruff will be almost as good as gone.

Here are the star Ayurvedic ingredients among the 54 meticulously refined, purest extracts in Darvi Intensive Anti-Dandruff Oil.



A potent, natural antifungal and antimicrobial that weakens and removes Malassezia infection on the scalp that causes dandruff.



A well-known, concentrated herb to nourish your scalp while preventing and fighting infection.


Gandhak (Natural Sulphur)

The safest, gentlest way to lift away flakes from your hair and scalp. Does not dry out or strip your scalp of essential oil like shampoos and synthetic ingredients.


Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

With large molecules that simply can’t block your pores, this oil solely hydrates and moisturizes your scalp. Also has a dominant antimicrobial effect.



A strong antimicrobial that relieves infection but also heals your scalp from daily damage.



Another super-effective antifungal that targets infections - solving flakiness and itchiness. Additionally it is also known to promote hair-growth.



To maximize scalp-repair by soothing irritations and preventing itching sensations.



Stimulates your scalp for better blood-flow, circulating more nutrients to your scalp. Thus ensures overall greater scalp-health and healing.

Grab The Most Cost-Effective Dandruff Remedy Ever

Darvi Intensive Dandruff Oil is made to give you the best results for the money you worked to earn.

Even if you’re using you’re only a dandruff shampoo, you’re:

With Royal Indulgence Darvi, things are different.

Imagine the thousands of rupees you’ll save overtime - and over years! Royal Indulgence Darvi can change your life permanently, for the better.

9 Real Reasons Why Royal Indulgence Darvi Is Better Than Any Other Dandruff Solution Today

Get Results In 30 Days, Or Get Your Money Back

If you are not satisfied with the results from using Royal Indulgence Darvi? Simply email or call us at (support@royalindulgence.shop & 040-39561410) to claim a 100% refund for your purchase!

Within 30 days, if you use Darvi as directed and still don’t see results, just let us know. We will send the money back to you, ASAP. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Note: This only applies if you’ve used Darvi every alternate day for the first 10 applications, and one week of using it twice a week. That makes it 30 days of using Darvi, or 12 to 13 uses. Please follow this regimen meticulously, because the ingredients in Darvi deeply nourish and clean your scalp with every use. And it takes about 12/13 uses to see the results that you desire. All we're asking, is for you to give Royal Indulgence Darvi a fair chance. You'll see the results that you yearn for, with consistent use.

If you’re still have doubts or questions, please call us RIGHT NOW at 040-39561410 to know more about solving your dandruff problems.

“I Thought I'd Have To Live With Dandruff Forever. Then I Gave Darvi A Chance.”

I have tried every dandruff solution.

“I’ve tried a lot of dandruff remedies. Even some expensive lotions that make my scalp oily. But so far, no remedy has gotten rid of my dandruff for more than 4 or 5 days max.

Gave Darvi at least 30 days to work

I saw my friend ordering Royal Indulgence Darvi, and was curious myself. But very reluctant to spend so much. She said that it could help get me long-lasting relief from dandruff. So I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks now, and my dandruff has FINALLY come down, significantly!

It's easy... and it's working!

Covered my scalp with the oil thoroughly and massaged it in for about 25 minutes before going to bed. My dandruff is reducing after every application. The itchiness I had from using anti-dandruff shampoos... is barely there anymore. I already think I’ll need to use Darvi only one or two times a month after this!”

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We're thrilled to announce that 10,700+ people like you, have solved their dandruff problems for good with Royal Indulgence Darvi. This one-time intensive treatment helped permanently reduce their flakes, itchiness and dryness. In fact, after launching Darvi, the response that this anti-dandruff hair oil got has been overwhelmingly positive. The bottles are flying off our shelves, and we're having trouble ensuring that there is enough stock, for anyone who wishes to be truly dandruff-free.

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Certified by Ministry of Ayush India

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See What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying

“My greatest concern was having the flakes come back again. I usually just shampoo and forget my hair but I did the 10- day treatment. It’s the third week and my dandruff can’t be seen that much at all. The flakes are not even noticeable. Going to continue using Royal Indulgence Darvi to see what more results I can get. ”

- Pravallika Jairaj,
Designer, Pune

“Used it for just 7 days… and my head feels super light. Greasiness is barely felt, and Royal Indulgence Darvi has made my hair bounce like it never did. The flakes have gone down very noticeably… can’t wait to be dandruff-free!”

- Avalokateshwari Kurup,
Housewife, Gurgaon

“I’ve tried shampoos, I’ve tried hair masks, and even a diet change for my dandruff. Four months ago, I found Royal Indulgence Darvi. Been using it pretty regularly, and my scalp feels calm. Both my wife and I can’t see flakes anymore like before... It’s good to know such a product exists. I only use it once a month now, but it’s still not visible like it used to be.”

- Prahallad Kashyap,
Tech Support, Coimbatore

How To Use Royal Indulgence Darvi To Diminish Dandruff

It's a quick 3-step process. To beat dandruff with Darvi,

  1. Apply to scalp.

    Take a capful of Darvi in your palm, and apply it directly onto your scalp. Get even, thorough coverage. Use more if necessary.

  2. Massage for 20 mins.

    Massage the oil deep into your hair roots in gentle circular motions.

  3. Wash off with mild shampoo.

    Leave overnight for 7 or 8 hours, to get the best results from Darvi. If that's not possible, it should be left on your scalp for at least 3-5 hours.

That's it! Using Royal Indulgence Darvi is no hassle, the routine fits right into even the busiest of schedules.


Please keep in mind though, as of , we currently have only 200 units. It’s limited because the 50+ specific, Ayurvedic ingredients have to be found from all over India. We then ensure that they undergo extensive purification and processing, so only the best results are picked for Royal Indulgence Darvi.

It then is sent to be meticulously packaged for your easy usage. Also, you get FREE-DELIVERY on your order of Royal Indulgence Darvi.

Our batches are made every 2-months, so our next batch will arrive much later. Don’t hold on to your itchy, flaky, oily scalp you want to get rid of.

The EXPERT Behind Royal Indulgence DARVI Intensive Dandruff Hair Oil

Royal Indulgence Darvi comes from the time-tested Ayurvedic wisdom that Dr. Manjusha Manneri has learned from her gurus in Ayurveda. Her childhood interests always involved scriptures, Vedas, and sacred texts, while her education made her explore Ayurveda as a serious cure, for all human ailments and conditions.

Royal Indulgence Darvi powerful anti-dandruff formula was taken from the best of skin-healing, skin-detoxifying, and skin-rejuvenating specializations taken up by Dr. Manjusha. Her expertise in these areas lead her to pursue an all-encompassing anti-dandruff solution. And Ayurveda rewarded her – with Royal Indulgence Darvi formulation.

Years of research was put into Royal Indulgence Darvi by her. Since its release to customers like you, it’s flown off our shelves – and we’re thrilled that so many people can get rid of their scalp concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Royal Indulgence Darvi is all-natural, and absolutely safe to use. Made exclusively from plant extracts – Royal Indulgence Darvi will only help to alleviate your dandruff worries. The ingredients are found in other powerful Ayurvedic preparations, which are used for even more sensitive issues. Royal Indulgence Darvi is the gentlest dandruff treatment available, especially compared to other present-day alternatives.

Royal Indulgence Darvi will certainly work, if used as recommended. The first 3 weeks are when you should be using it every alternate night. After that, twice a week for 4 weeks months. Beyond that, ONCE a month is sufficient. Twice - if your dandruff condition is severe. Symptoms will not return in-between usages like before at all.

Men, women, and children can use Royal Indulgence Darvi. However, children below 10 years of age, pregnant women, and people allergic to natural Sulphur shouldn’t use Royal Indulgence Darvi. If none of these applies to you, you can confidently trust millennia of Ayurvedic wisdom, and use Royal Indulgence Darvi on your scalp.

Royal Indulgence Darvi has ZERO side-effects. The plant extracts are dermatologist-tested, and also certified by the Ministry of Ayush, India. The ingredients are freely available in nature, and are mild on your skin and scalp. There are no side-effects to worry about while using this product.

Royal Indulgence Darvi works best if you leave it overnight. We recommend using a cap while you sleep, and a towel on your pillow – to avoid transfer. Also, if you get the oil into your eyes, wash them and the skin around them with plenty of water.

You will start seeing results from the first 2 to 3 uses itself. Your scalp will feel less itchy, less oily, and you’ll notice less flakes on places that you found them before. After 10 applications of alternate-day use for the first 3 weeks, you’ll notice 70% of your dandruff simply GONE. After 30 days – 90% of your dandruff symptoms will be resolved FOR GOOD.

Please understand that dandruff is a recurring condition. However, Royal Indulgence Darvi treats all possible causes your dandruff. Because of this, your symptoms will never come back with the same severity. To be dandruff-free, use Royal Indulgence Darvi at least once - or at most twice - a month after the first 2 months. While it won’t get rid of dandruff completely, it's your next best solution, offering the longest-lasting results out of any dandruff treatment today. At the end of your regimen, your symptoms will have greatly reduced - to almost nothing.

We’re so sure that your dandruff is going to be resolved, that we’re offering you a money-back guarantee. If within 30 days, you don’t see the results you’re looking for – simply return the product to us. Your payment will be fully refunded, no hassle for you.

Yes, a Cash-On-Delivery Option is available.

It’ll take about week to reach you, at the most. We ship as soon as we receive confirmation of your payment.

Simply drop us an email at support@incnut.com. We’ll get back to you ASAP. Or, give us a call on 040-39561410.