Dr. Jennifer Mercier, ND, PhD

Expertise: Naturopathic Medicine

Education: The University of Natural Medicine

Jennifer Mercier has been in the practice of women's health since 1999. Her practice started with Massage Therapy and Midwifery and then advanced into Naturopathic Medicine. While Dr.Jen enjoyed attending births, the schedule along with being a mother was very intense. So now, she primarily focuses on pre-conceptual care, infertility, pelvic pain, bio-identical hormone balancing and overall women's wellness.

Jennifer has done numerous podcast interviews, written and published research, produced and directed her documentary film, Fertility:The Shared Journey with Mercier Therapy, and is currently finishing up her new book. Mercier Therapy was created by Dr.Mercier as she saw the need for a better solution to pelvic pain and fertility challenges and teaches this work around the world.

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