Dr. Susanna Alter, ND

Born and raised in suburban Michigan, from an early age Susanna sought after adventure and new territories.During her early college years, she developed a deep interest in yoga, which lead her to sign up for a yoga teacher-training course. Susanna completed her degree in religion, tacked on an additional year of pre-med courses, and applied to Naturopathic Medical School. She attended the University of Santa Monica to further deepen her understanding in the mind-spirit connection and gain skills in counseling. Susanna continued her practice in counseling as a peer counselor at her naturopathic university’s counseling center.Today, Dr. Susanna is able to see how her love for nature, spirituality, and health have beautifully come together to inform her style of practicing medicine that uses nature and mindfulness to support the innate healing ability of each individual on the level of the mind, body, and spirit.