Dr.Varsha Prabala, BAMS, MD

Dr.Varsha is an Ayurveda doctor with degree in the Indian system of medicine and MD in the field of Ayurveda Pharmacology (Dravyaguna). She earned her bachelors degree in Ayurveda medicine from Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences and MD from NTR University of health sciences. She has a diverse work experience as a Senior consultant for Government of India health projects in the North eastern and Southern parts of India, under CCRAS (Central Council for research in Ayurveda sciences) and as a physician at clinics and rehabilitation center. She is passionate about the Ayurvedic approach of usage of medicinal plants for therapeutic benefits in various diseases. She is currently working for IncNut digital Pvt.Ltd as a Consultant in making customized Ayurvedic haircare and is building Ayurvedic diet database for East World Wellness Pvt. Ltd