Yvonne O’ Halloran, MND (Nutrition & Dietetics)

Expertise: Plant-Based Nutrition

Education: Griffith University (Gold Coast, Australia)

Yvonne is a passionate dietitian who loves to help people reclaim their health and align their morals and beliefs with the foods they choose to eat. She believes we really are what we eat. Through her research, her focus has been on the benefits of a plant-based diet and she has seen for herself the incredible results her clients have experienced by changing the way they eat and how they perceive ‘healthy eating’. She is an experienced writer, the founder of a news and education-based website called Living Vegan, and an upcoming author of a children's book called Plant-Powered Animal Protectors. She is also a loving mother to three children. Her areas of speciality include chronic disease prevention and management and pre and post-natal nutrition. Yvonne sees patients via telehealth and has clients all over the world.

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