9 Beauty Hacks That Can Make You Look Younger Than You Actually Are

Written by Niharika Nayak

Aging gracefully is all about a positive mindset and the celebration of your glorious looks over the years. The first step, however, is to take the beauty secrets seriously and make it a part of your routine. Don’t fret about those unwanted lines, budding grey hair, or dull face because we have curated some helpful beauty hacks to make you look younger that are super easy to follow. From skincare products to glamorous cosmetics, every little detail defines the way you look, whether you are ready for a casual day out or a happening party. Let’s face it, everyone feels the need to stay young as long as they can. To rock that confident yet youthful glow, you need to start including the following beauty hacks into your daily routine. Take notes from this carefully curated list of things you should or should not be doing to look younger than your actual age (winks):

1. Don’t Wear Heavy Makeup

Don't Wear Heavy Makeup


While we agree that it’s a major trend to contour your face and people believe that it gives you a more refined look, less is always more when it comes to makeup. If you want to look youthful and fresh, skipping out on heavy makeup is a good look. Avoid putting mascara on your lower lashes as it can cast shadows and lead you to have fake dark circles. It can even make your eyes look like they’re pulled down.

2. Use Skincare Products With Vitamin C

Use Skincare Products With Vitamin C


It’s a known fact that ‘Vitamin C’ is a powerhouse in itself when it comes to the skincare industry. With age, collagen production in women’s skin reduces rapidly, causing fine lines and wrinkles (1). Vitamin C, therefore, increases collagen production and keeps your skin tissues firm and plump. You would have noticed the presence of Vitamin C in products like facial serums, moisturizers, face wash etc. Research states that it is used primarily because of its antioxidant properties (2) Side note – Don’t forget the intake of fruits and vegetables rich in this nutrient to maintain your skin’s youthful and glowing boost (lemon, bell peppers, spinach, etc).

3. Stop Tweezing Your Eyebrows Thin

Stop Tweezing Your Eyebrows Thin


As we start to grow older, more and more of our hair starts to fall out, and our eyebrows are no exception to this. If you like to tweeze your eyebrows super thin, you should stop doing so and instead fill them in with makeup. This is important because fullness is usually associated with being young.

4. Apply Sunscreen Even When You’re Driving

Apply Sunscreen Even When You're Driving


We spend a lot of our time driving around. The harsh truth of the matter is that the windows on our cars do not protect us from the harsh rays of the sun-like we may think. Hence, it is good to apply sunscreen even when you are out driving your car or taking public transport. Doing this will protect your skin from getting wrinkles prematurely. Make sure that you apply at least SPF 30 on your skin.

5. Curl Your Lashes

Curl Your Lashes


Although this seems quite simple, it can actually help you look a lot younger. Curling your lashes will help open up your eyes and leave you looking awake and more youthful. It’s also essential that you use a primer as it will keep your mascara from running wild and leaving you looking like a raccoon on steroids.

6. Highlight Your Cheekbones With Blush

Highlight Your Cheekbones With Blush


If you are someone who isn’t well aware of how to wear blush, then we’ve got news for you. Blush can make you look a lot younger than your actual age. Of course, this depends entirely on how you use it. The critical point to remember is that you need to highlight your cheekbones. As you grow older, the fat in your face will slowly burn away, and your cheeks will look more hollow. Hence, emphasizing them is not the best idea. Focus on the fullness of your cheeks instead.

7. Pay Attention To The Neck Area

Pay Attention To The Neck Area


Normally, women give extra care to their face but ignore the neck area. Believe it or not, the skin on your neck is equally important to take care of. Since the skin on your neck is thinner than the face, it requires extra attention to prevent fine lines or sagging. In order to keep your neck in par with your face, simply make sure to use your daily moisturizer day and night to avoid dry skin. When you are stepping out, use sunscreen and make sure to evenly apply it on your neck to prevent dark spots. Bonus tip – Weekly massages can also be a treat to your neck.

8. Introduce Eye Creams Into Your Regular Skincare & Makeup Routine

Introduce Eye Creams Into Your Regular Skincare & Makeup Routine


One way to look fresh and young is to nip the budding crow feet around your eyes right in the beginning. Apply under-eye cream right before going to bed overnight. It avoids morning puffiness, dark circles and not to mention keeps the skin around your eyes smooth and hydrated. Now let’s ease you through your makeup routine. A cakey and hurried concealer job will most likely seep into your eye lines, highlighting the creases and making you look older than you really are. Before applying that banging eyeliner, make sure to pat some eye cream to keep those lids moisturized. It will lead you to a hassle-free makeup application and maintain that flawless skin.

9. Add Volume To Your Hair

Add Volume To Your Hair


You might not know this, but adding volume to your hair can make you look much younger. If you have forehead wrinkles, consider getting long bangs as they can hide the aging process. Opt for adding texture to your hair through layers, and waves. You can also opt for a shorter haircut, as having short hair can take years off your face. Opt for a haircut that is cute and flirtatious!

In the end, no matter what you do, there is no way to slow the aging process down truly. While there are plenty of hacks out there that will advise you on tricks to look younger, the best thing to do is maintain a healthy diet and exercise. Do let us know if you have any hacks that help you look younger in the comment section below!


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