11 Beauty Mistakes Most College Girls Make… But Shouldn’t

Written by Rachana C

College is that super busy and super exciting couple of years. While these years are full of memories and life lessons, they also prove to be crucial in terms of the well-being of the skin, hair, and the body in general. Being careful at this age will allow you to age more gracefully. Wait, do you even need a reason to stay healthy and beautiful? Girls, look below and tell me what beauty mistakes you have been making. You might not even be aware where you’ve been going wrong all this while.

1. Not Staying Sufficiently Hydrated


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The first ever scientific statistics most of us have ever come across is that the body consists of 50-75% of water. Isn’t that huge? Behind all that skin and bones, the crux of the body is water. Don’t drink water like it is some compulsion. Sit back, relax, understand the dynamics of your body – and only then drinking water will become more like a healing ritual. If you find it too mainstream to drink just plain water, what are infusions for? Throw in an orange and some berries, and don’t hesitate to add some basil and mint. There you go, a glass full of flavors ready to energize you.

2. Erratic Eating


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College days tend to make you that rebel chap. That one who goes around biking and hiking from dawn to dusk. That’s not a bad thing, provided you listen to your tummy from time to time. Grab a small healthy snack before you leave home. You can avoid midnight hunger pangs when your stomach is yearning for food. Add more greens, come on, it is not that bad! Your stable triglycerides and sugar levels will thank you one day. Make routine your new rebel, trust me, a fit body is much trendier than saggy stomachs and baggy buttocks.

3. Wrecked-up Bio Clocks


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You teenagers are oblivious to the myriad things happening inside the body. The human body has 50 hormones, 79 organs, 75,000 enzymes, 1 trillion neurons, and God knows how many cells functioning with just one main goal – to keep you going. In return, it just asks for a simple thing – Eat right, Sleep at night, and Workout tight. A one-line sutra to combat everything from a school punishment to a teenage break-up, from the common cold to not-so-common cancer. Listen to your body’s rhythms. It knows when to eat and how much to sleep. Just listen to that ticking clock.

4. Not Sunscreening


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This is not just for girls, it is for the boys too. Thanks to the depleting ozone, using a sunscreen of high SPF is not anymore just to prevent dark tan patches. Instead, it is more for a protective purpose. You college goers have a problem with everything – okay okay! We know that a sunscreen makes your skin oily. You can’t give that excuse, though. The market today is filled with products that cater to different skin types. Explore and stick to what suits your skin best.

5. Wrong Hair Habits


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Straight ones want them permed, curly ones want them wavy, and the wavy ones want it straight. After all, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Seriously, you need to stop frying your tresses. You are born with a texture and style for a reason. Embrace that look and stop bathing your hair in the costliest of styling products. You are going to regret stripping your hair of those natural oils. Also, how much ever you hate listening to your mom’s taunts while she oils your hair, don’t even think of not oiling it. Pamper your hair with what it wants, not with what you want.

6. Not Sweating It Out


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Ouch! That hurts, isn’t it? It is easier to stay glued to the laptop with some fries in your hand than go for that 2-mile walk on the treadmill. Once you make enough efforts to pick yourself up from that slouching couch and land on a workout area, your body is going to do the rest for you. Dance it off one day, jumping jack it another day, and hula hoop it the other. Take advantage of the variety of things you could do to keep your body fit and kick away the boredom of doing the same thing every day.

7. Sleeping With Makeup On


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Girls, we know it took you ages to master the smoky eye tutorial. We also know how much pain you took to be a pro in applying the perfect winged eyeliner and removing it off might make you go all pouty about it. Unburden your face, brows, eyes, and lashes of that chemical-laden cosmetics and allow your pores to breathe. You are tired, bored, disinterested – no, nothing doing. Pick that cotton and clean your makeup before going to bed.

8. Overuse Of Chemicals


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Flip the product you just bought, look for the ingredients, and google them. Chances are, you might never use that product again. Cosmetics is a billion dollar market today, and nobody talks about the ugly side of it. Be more conscious of the chemicals you drown yourself in. That new lotion on the supermarket shelf that you just picked up is going to get absorbed into your bloodstream minutes after you apply it. Count the number of chemicals your blood might already be circulating throughout the body. Shift to safer and more natural ingredients, instead.

9. Experimenting Phase


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Streaks of purple on the hair, those Gothic tattoos on the back, neon nail paints – that’s kinda the in thing. College time is let’s-see-how-much-funky-I-can-get time, but once the zeal fades off, you are left with damaged hair and blotchy skin. Always keep a check on what your experimenting is going to end in in the long term. Don’t let your temporary wimps spoil your body for good. Look for homemade alternatives for your expensive fantasies, which are not only going to cost you bucks but also your beauty.

10. Stop Squeezing That Right NOW


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Adolescence = Acne. For most of us, it is a great ordeal to keep these tiny ugly ones at bay. You try tons of remedies to cure that acne, and when nothing works, you can’t resist picking on the one that pops up on your nose. Girls, your temptation to squeeze that acne on your chin that breaks out once every month right when you are already vexed with PMSing is understandable, but please, control. Save yourself from that nasty scar.

11. Phurrr Fumes!


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You don’t have to smell like a perfumery to appear fashionable. Be it the prom night, or that farewell party, be more subtle and stop your body odor from announcing your arrival loud. Choosing strong perfumes and deodorants is not only going to make you smell like a flower garden but also going to damage your delicate underarm skin. Long-term overuse can also cause pigmentation. Girls, go easy on the perfumes.

So, which one is your oft-repeated mistake? Was it #3, #10 or #7? Let me know what havoc you are putting yourself through. Not that I am trying to scare you, but learning to be more conscious of every act is the key to staying balanced, and you can start being conscious right away even before the crow’s feet and lumpy lips start bothering you.

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