7 Surprising Beauty Tricks With Baby Powder

By Chandrama Deshmukh

Who doesn’t love baby powder, right? Its smell just transports us to our childhood days and makes us think of simpler times. In fact, a brand of baby powder even did a newspaper ad which smelled exactly like their powder, and for the whole day, whichever house the paper was read in just smelled absolutely lovely. But did you know apart from being for babies, baby powder can also be used by adults for uses which are far more diverse than we have known so far? Read on to find out!

1. It Can Be Used To “Shampoo” Your Hair


No we’re not kidding. Baby powder can actually be used as a dry shampoo to take away grease from oily hair. So on days that you don’t have time to give your hair a wash, or are simply feeling too lazy or if it is too cold for a head bath, all you have to do is apply it on your scalp and then rub it off. It leaves your hair feeling as fresh and fragrant as ever, almost like you’ve shampooed it. In fact, no one will be able to tell that you haven’t!

2. It Can Replace Your Compact

Like, duh! It’s powder. So you can definitely apply it on your face. And the plus point is that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, so it is totally cool for all skin types. I mean, have you seen baby bums? Those cute little tiny, bouncy things? All that is applied on them is baby powder and they stay that way! Who wouldn’t want cheeks like that right? So the next time you are out of compact or face powder, remember to pick a baby powder instead of your regular one, which is more expensive and laden with chemicals. Better to stay away from them, right?

3. It Can Make Your Eyelashes Appear Longer


This one surprised us as well. Who would have thought, right? All you have to do is sprinkle some on your mascara before applying it, and voila – long eyelashes! This is no magic trick though. It’s just optical illusion which makes them look longer and fuller. Just like how you apply concealer on the lips to make them appear fuller.

4. It Can Transform Stinky Shoes

Stinky shoes are a problem we all face, right? Especially during monsoons and summers when our shoes get wet, and our feet sweat more than usual. It can, in fact, become a source of embarrassment if at any point we need to take the shoes off in front of other people! But with baby powder, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Just sprinkle it in your shoes or feet (whichever you prefer), and all the moisture and bad smell will disappear.

5. It Can Take Away The Pain From Waxing


Not all the pain. I mean, let’s face it. Waxing is painful, no matter what you do. However, with a little bit of baby powder on your skin, it can help to make is as less painful as possible. Just apply it on the area that is getting waxed before the wax is applied, so that the hair in that area can stick more easily to the wax and get more easily waxed.

6. It Can Stop Your Eye Make-Up From Smudging

Have oily skin? Sweat a lot? Tired of eye make-up always smudging before the day ends? Baby powder comes to the rescue! Apply it on the eye area before applying make-up. This not only absorbs all the water and moisture (read sweat), it keeps it that way for longer, so that your eyes can look flawless for longer and not like you’ve cried your eyes out!

7. It Can Be Used To Get Rid Of Body Odor


Many of us are addicted to deodorants because, honestly, no one wants to smell bad. But how many of us are aware of the harmful effects of deodorant? Did you know that many deodorants have harmful chemicals which may also be carcinogenic? And what about people who are allergic to deodorants? What do they do? Since, obviously, stinking is not an option. Well, you can use baby powder! Because of the absence of harmful chemicals, it can even be used by people who may have allergies and since it smells so lovely anyway, it is actually a huge plus point. So if you find yourself sweating, instead of deodorant, remember the humble baby powder.

Isn’t it amazing how versatile the seemingly non-complex baby powder is? How many of these hacks with baby powder were you already aware of? Are there more hacks that you know of which we haven’t included here? Let us know in the comments! And if you have friends who are already doing this, or need to know these hacks to make life simpler, be sure to tag them here or share this with them.

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