6 Brides Who Wore Stunning But ‘Minimal’ Jewelry On Their Wedding Day!

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

The norm for a beautiful desi bride is to wear heavy lehengas along with jewelry that weighs a few kilograms at the least! All this is thankfully passé now as brides are going easy not just with their outfits, but also with their jewelry. They are no more wanting to bedeck themselves with layers of necklaces and earrings that make their necks and ears feel as if they may just fall off at any moment!

If you’re a bride-to-be looking for some bridal bijoux inspiration, well, you’re at the right place. We discovered six gorgeous brides who wore the most minimal yet stunning bridal jewelry that made us go “Wow!” The following are all truly amazing bridal jewelry goals that every new bride should aspire for. Read on!

1. White Gold & Diamonds Offset By A 100 Watt Smile

This is the perfect match of white gold and diamonds with an array of beads and pearls that is stunningly framed by a beautiful maroon and silver embellished lehenga and choli. The embroidery of the bridal dress is subtly intricate with lots of pearls woven along with silver zardosi threadwork. This, along with the dazzling red in the net dupatta plus the red of the bridal chooda, sets off the look just beautifully. A sight to behold!

2. Here Comes The Shy Bride!

This bride is a radiant visage in a wine colored, embellished choli and lehenga that is beautifully complimented with kundan jewelry consisting of a statement round pearls set in white gold. The choli is intricately embroidered with matching sequins and threadwork. The net dupatta is simple yet beautifully matches with the whole outfit. The wine color wonderfully sets off this bride’s creamy complexion. All in all, the look may be on the unconventionally subtle side but the effect is mesmerizing!

3. A Vision In Teal!

Our next bride gazes shyly downwards with just a hint of a smile that reveals her quiet confidence in her beauty – and can we fault her for it? After all, she is a vision of muted elegance! This pale teal lehenga and choli embellished with a light intricate weaving of pearls and gold zardosi, along with a dupatta that appears more gold than teal due to its gold zardosi and pearl inlay work, dazzle the viewer but not overwhelmingly so.

An outfit like this would be very difficult to accessorize but our bride’s choice of gold jewelry with dainty pearls beautifully compliments this amazing bridal ensemble! The gleaming gold tone of her bridal jewels lend a rich look to the otherwise simple pastel ensemble.

Our verdict? A heavenly combination of ethereal beauty and grace. If looks could kill!

4. Blushing Pink Makes A Blushing Bride

Can we get a moment of silence for the awesomeness that is this bridal jewelry set? An amazing combination of jadau jewelry with inlaid rubies and diamonds that end in a trail of garnets, when combined with this bride’s gorgeous baby pink choli, the overall effect brings in mind the archetypical alluring, blushing bride! The simplistic outfit is set off beautifully with the richness of the embedded colored stones in the kundan set. A look simple enough yet gorgeous enough to die for!

5. Grace And Elegance Are The Essence Of A Beautiful Bride

Isn’t she just breathtaking? Serene and beautiful, this is why minimalism advocates preach less is more! This minimalistic look is completed with only a pair of diamond earrings and a diamond nose stud. Without the fuss of glamourous jewelry, this elegant bride allows her beautiful dress and lovely features to take the spotlight. Since the only heavy accessory happens to be the big bridal bouquet of pink and cream roses, it perfectly complements our bride’s beautiful peaches and cream complexion. A truly glowing bride.

6. A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

The highlight of this stunning ensemble is the beautiful maang tila of jade and pearls, which along with the rest of the jade and pearl jewelry, beautifully offsets the lovely green and pink bridal garment. And, of course, our bride bestows us with a radiant smile to complete this bridal look. A ravishing bride, indeed!

Marriage, they say, is the most beautiful event in a woman’s life; an event for which she prepares for and looks forward to, all her life. Which is why our only advice for a soon-to-be bride is simple – be the woman you want to see. Your wedding day is a joyous event for the entire family, but ultimately, it is your day. So, while traditionally bulky jewelry may have its own charm, if it isn’t your cup of tea, don’t feel pressured to adopt it. Choose to complement your bridal ensemble with jewels that make you feel beautiful. In parting, we leave you with these wise words to keep in mind for your big day:

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it”

-Yves Saint Laurent

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