7 Celebrities Who Were Mercilessly Trolled For The Most Bizarre Of Reasons

Written by Niharika Nayak

Let’s be honest. People who go around writing nasty things on the social media accounts of others are pretty sad. If you feel the need to troll someone for doing something as simple as wearing an outfit that you might not approve of, you really need to rethink your priorities. Just because someone is a celebrity does not mean that they deserve to be trolled needlessly. The funny thing is that none of these trolls would have the guts to speak so rudely to people in real life because they are nothing but cowards who hide behind social media. If you have had experience being cyberbullied by others, you can probably relate to this article. Here is a list of nine celebrities who were trolled for just living their lives:

1. Mandira Bedi Was Trolled For Wearing Jeans And Performing Her Husband’s Last Rites

Losing a partner is very difficult, and everyone has a different way of coping. Like many women before her, Mandira Bedi too decided to perform the last rites of her late husband. Mandira chose to wear a simple pair of jeans and a white shirt, and people still felt the need to troll her in the comment section of her post. People wrote extremely vile comments about the way she had dressed and made unnecessary comments about how it wasn’t “a woman’s place” to perform the last rites. One troll even left a comment saying, “Strange how she found the time to wear a white t-shirt after her husband died” (as if wearing a t-shirt is the most challenging task in the whole world).

2. Shah Rukh Khan Was Trolled For Wearing Sunglasses To Dilip Kumar’s Funeral

Some people found it very offensive that Shah Rukh Khan wore jeans and sunglasses to late veteran actor Dilip Kumar’s funeral. Although Dilip’s own wife, Saira Banu, clearly didn’t seem to have a problem with it. So we don’t understand why trolls feel the need to criticize someone who actually showed up to pay their respects.

3. Mira Rajput Was Trolled For Wearing A Polka Dot Miniskirt

Mira Rajput Was Trolled For Wearing A Polka Dot Miniskirt

mira.kapoor / Instagram

Just because you don’t like someone’s outfit, doesn’t mean that you harass them. Many people felt the need to shame and mock Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira, for wearing a miniskirt. Some left comments stating that the skirt looked like it was meant for her daughter. We don’t see how wearing a mini skirt is the same as wearing a child’s outfit? Clearly, these people are so shocked seeing some skin that they’ve lost their common sense. We hope they seek some help.

4. Fatima Sana Shaikh Was Trolled After Aamir Khan Khan Announced His Marriage Ending

When two adults decide to end a marriage, it is their decision and nobody else’s. Unfortunately, most of Indian society still sees divorce as a taboo and would rather have two adults stay in a bad marriage than end a marriage and live their lives happily. When Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao decided to part ways after being married for fifteen years, many trolls decided to target Fatima Sana Shaikh and claim that she was the reason for their marriage ending. Moreso, why is it always another woman who is blamed when a marriage ends?

5. Saif Ali Khan Was Trolled Over The Background Of His New Film’s Poster

Saif Ali Khan Was Trolled Over The Background Of His New Films Poster

kareenakapoorkhan  / Instagram

In India, people can’t seem to tell the difference between acting and real life. That’s evident with the way trolls reacted to a poster that Kareena Kapoor shared to promote her husband’s films. Since Saif Ali Khan is a Muslim, many people asked why he was posing in a poster that showed Hindu “sadhus”. Some people were so ridiculous as to claim that the film’s poster was insulting to their Hindu beliefs just because the saints appeared in the background of a poster with a Muslim actor. It’s almost as if people have forgotten the concept of freedom of expression and creativity.

6. Malaika Arora Was Trolled For Wearing A Sports Bra While Getting Vaccinated

Malaika Arora Was Trolled For Wearing A Sports Bra While Getting Vaccinated

malaikaaroraofficial / Instagram

One of the most bizarre trolling incidents was when people decided to troll actress Malaika Arora for wearing a sports bra when she went to receive her vaccine. How a woman chooses to dress should be nobody’s business but her own. People didn’t seem to care that the actress was spreading a good message by asking others to get vaccinated and chose to only focus on her attire. We bet they wouldn’t make these comments if it were a male actor wearing a sleeveless shirt to get his vaccine shot (talk about double standards).

7. Sara Ali Khan Was Trolled By Religious Bigots For Entering A Temple

Sara Ali Khan Was Trolled By Religious Bigots For Entering A Temple

saraalikhan95 / Instagram

Many people were offended by the fact that Sara Ali Khan chose to visit a temple and decided to mock her. But isn’t the point of a religious institution to let people in regardless of their religious beliefs? Moreso, Sara Ali Khan’s mother, Amrita Singh, is a Hindu herself. It’s about time we grew past these silly religious differences and stay united together.

In the end, it’s ridiculous that people have the time and energy to leave nasty comments on others’ pictures and bully others online. Maybe if they used that energy to do something productive with their lives, they wouldn’t have this much hate to spread. Do let us know all of your thoughts on this article in the comments section below!

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