Thinking About A New Haircut? Check Out This Guide To Bangs!

By Chandrama Deshmukh

Getting a new haircut is probably the most anxiety-riddling, agonizing torment created by humans. I cannot be alone in this belief. There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than letting go of your trust issues and putting your confidence in the skills of a complete stranger. After all, at the end of the day, I am entrusting you with the crown of my womanhood – my hair. (Yes, I’m aware I can be melodramatic!)

This is the very reason hordes of women, before getting a haircut, scrounge Pinterest and Instagram for what they envisage to be their finished product. It’s not enough to just detail what we’d like to look like. We need visual aids, people! Like most successful relationships, it’s of great importance that my stylist and I are on the same wavelength. Hence, getting my homework done (read: stalking beauty gurus) is the key.

If bangs are what you desire, then, girl, you’ve sure set your aims high. In the universe of all things feminine, bangs are probably the trickiest style possible. Done well, you can turn out with beautiful, luscious hair that frames your face in that perfect I-woke-up-like-this selfie that makes you look glam no matter what you wear. However, one small mistake, and you could end up looking like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber.

Hence, before scissoring those cherished locks, it’s best to find out what style of bangs will suit your facial structure best. What are you waiting for? Read on!

1. For A Long Face

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If you have a nearly rectangular face (but with smoother edges), then you probably have a long face – just like the stunning Sarah Jessica Parker. This type of facial structure goes amazingly well with poker straight, glamorous bangs. You have a notably strong facial structure, but the dense horizontal style of these bangs will not overwhelm your face.

2. For A Circular Face

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If you have a charming round facial structure, just like the very lovely Emma Stone, then opt for bangs that have waves and sharp angles and vary in their length. The artfully arranged disarray will grant a beautiful texture to your bangs, thereby framing your face in a way that adds depth. Added tip? Part your hair to one side in order to prevent your face from looking a tad too symmetrical.

3. For An Oval Face

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The best news about possessing an oval face? Nearly every style of bangs flatters your facial structure. Nevertheless, pin-straight, breezy, light bangs accentuate all the prettiest regions of your face and do not weigh your face down. Request for bangs that curve into the space between your eyelashes and brows and happen to be longer at the edges.

4. For A Square Face

Image: Shutterstock

If you possess a wide jaw accompanied by longer sides, then you most probably possess a fine square face, just like the ever-ravishing Rihanna. The best option to frame your face is a light, fine feathery brand of bangs. The peek-a-boo style of thin, wispy bangs soften the hard angles of your face.

5. For A Heart Face

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So, you have a heart-shaped face like the alluring Cheryl Cole! Chose light bangs to highlight your forehead. Since you have higher cheekbones and a pointed chin, this shall complement your structure.

6. For A Diamond Face

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Strong jar, prominent cheekbones and gentle yet distinct chin like the irresistible Scarlett Johansson? Well, you have a diamond face. Bangs of any angle can work on your face, but parting them shall add some curves to the otherwise straight lines of your face.

7. For A Triangular Face

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If you have a strong, protruding jawline that is wider than your cheekbones – just like the alluring Eva Mendes – then you have a triangular face structure. Usually, round and triangular faces (occasionally square too) appear more youthful than they actually are! With this kind of strong structure, it’s best to opt for not too heavy bangs. Remember to request for “convertible” bangs that allow you to style them straight or parted. This will leave you with endless supremely chic options for experimenting with future hairstyles to frame your pretty triangular face.

8. For An Inverted Triangular Face

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If, just like the enchanting Reese Witherspoon, you possess a wider forehead that narrows progressively at the jawline and culminates at a charmingly pointed chin, then you have an inverted triangle face. This facial structure is rather similar to a heart-shaped face but without the widow’s peak. To flatter your eyes and minimize your prominent temples and large forehead, opt for bold bangs that brush your eyebrows.

Voilà! Your homework is done. You’re all prepared to provide visual aids to your hairdresser of the visage in your dreams. Now go! Get the hair of your cover girl dreams, gorgeous.

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