Choose A Candle And Find Out What You’re Feeling!

Written by Rachana C

Choose first – Purple, White, Black, Blue, Green, Red, or Yellow?

Even without the slightest of your knowledge, you unconsciously pick colors. This is one of the reasons your clothes reflect your personality in general and your mood in specific. This color test works on similar lines. Whatever color your sub-conscious mind made you pick without the awareness of the conscious mind, there is a hidden meaning behind it. Doesn’t that sound enticing? Read on to know what your choice of color is telling about your current feelings.

1. Purple

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Purple’s the color of spiritual healing. This color means that you have a strong desire – the desire for emancipation. You are exhausted with the way life is and are seeking for something to stir you from within. Are you in that stage of life where you have lost your self-esteem? No wonder you chose purple Lighting a purple candle will steer you away from your negative feelings about your self and life. You will be able to see through your miseries and find that underlying peace which is lurking behind all your temporary difficulties.

2. White

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Did you choose white? You are finding a way to purify yourself. If contrasting views are clouding your senses, lighting a white candle is a very good idea. Any disorientation in life or thoughts will be cleared with the color white. To ward off this disorientation, you are actually searching for the truth. In this quest for truth, you want to purify within and without. If this description fits you well, go ahead on your quest and burn these white candles with the same intention and conviction. The truth is available for all.

3. Black

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No, this doesn’t mean that you are about to perform a Satanic ritual. Black, although infamous for negativity, in reality, is just plain devoid and rather all-absorbing. It absorbs everything that’s around and amplifies it. Did you ever pick that black dress up particularly on that day when you were already low? And you end up wallowing in your misery. That is exactly what black does. Try wearing black even when you are happy, and there you go, all the more elated! Also, it shows your inclination towards mystery and that sense of perfection. It could also mean you want some strength and stability. Lighting black candles can help you bring that firmness

4. Blue

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Blue is yet another color for spiritual cleansing. It calls for higher peace. Lighting a blue candle will invoke just the right energy that is required for you to be able to make peace with your surroundings and to bring your mind into a state of calmness. Blue represents that which is unfathomable and divine. If you have chosen a blue candle, it means you are searching for that divine power amidst this overwhelmingly materialistic world.

5. Green

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Green is the color of Mother Nature. If you’ve chosen this, you feel that you have lost that connect with the nature outside you and within you. You want to bring back that harmony in your life. Also, green is for opulence and abundance. When you feel you don’t have what you want, you tend to pick up the color green. Whenever you feel deprived and pick up green, on a sub-conscious level, you are trying to garner that abundance which you are unable to bring in your life, as such. Lighting green candles will help you bring in opulence, good health, and material wealth.

6. Red

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Red. This is one word for intense passion and vigor, sexual or otherwise. Above all, the color represents courage. If your sub-conscious made you choose red, it means you are looking for some support or companionship. Want to invite love and passionate lust into your life along with some valor, then red and bright red candles are for you. This frequency can invoke a sense of power and erotic excitement that you are looking for. Like all other colors, red has the other side of the coin too. You can’t completely call it “negative” because something that is signaling an impending danger isn’t negative. Imagine what would happen if the signpost was missing. Isn’t that negative, indeed? Red could be a warning. A signal your mind wants to give you to be careful.


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Yellow represents optimism and focus. There are many phases in life where you find yourself just off-track and no matter what you do, you still feel there’s a missing link. However, you are still optimistic and are looking for that path that will bring you back to your former glory. If you picked the color yellow, I am talking about you. Light some yellow candles to intensify your positivity. Also, these candles will help you focus and will promote mental clarity that can help you do better.

So, what is your sub-conscious telling you? Is it taking you on the quest for truth or does it want to indulge in some intensely passionate venture? Comment below and share it with me, now!

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