“EYE” Personality Test: Choose An Eye And Find Out What It Reveals About Your Personality!

Written by dushyant

“Eyes are windows to the soul,” says an old English proverb and it’s difficult to disagree.

A big part of human expression and emotion happens through the eyes. Non-verbal communication between two people can take place very easily just by the way they use their eyes to express themselves.

Is it possible, however, that picking a particular eye from an array of them, could also end up telling you something about your own personality? Let’s find out!

All you have to do is pick an eye from the image below and once you’ve done that, we’ll tell you all about what your choice says about your personality.

The First Eye: You May Be An Openhearted Person


You are an individual who is very open and accepting of other people. You take everyone into your life, as a part of it, with relative ease. You also seem to be of the opinion that you can deal with your problems by yourself and you don’t really show your troubles and sorrows to other people.

You’re always available for your friends and family, as a shoulder of support whenever they need you. You seem like a strong and reliable person on the outside, but you’re just as vulnerable as anyone else on the inside, something you don’t let others see.

The Second Eye: You’re Industrious And A Perfectionist


Your personality is that of a perfectionist. You try meticulously hard to leave a positive impression on others and you always make sure that you do the “right” thing under any circumstance.

You place a lot of thought and value into your actions since you consider them to be making a difference in the lives of those that they affect. You try to appear strong and unwavering whenever you see injustice or exploitation. You remain true to your ideals.

The Third Eye: You’re Affected By Your Past


If you picked the third eye, you may have a troubled past that affects you quite significantly to this day.

Even though you seek peace and resolve for whatever has happened, the past keeps catching up with you, leaving you wondering whether you’re just unlucky.

You try to conceal this from others, being your own greatest support. You may be surprisingly positive at times.

The Fourth Eye: You Have A Philosophical Outlook


If you happened to pick the fourth eye, it means that you have an analytical mind.

You’re often found lost in your own web of thoughts and seek out a greater meaning to everything. You often conceal your true analytical nature from others, but your brain is always at work, and you revel in it.

The Fifth Eye: You’re Enigmatic


You’re a mysterious individual, which makes it difficult for others to understand you. In fact, even you yourself can’t make an accurate assessment of who you truly are since your moods and thoughts keep changing on a constant basis.

There’s very little that you’re completely sure of, but you’re only vocal about those specific thoughts. You’re an observer and you remain quiet until you’re absolutely sure about what you have to say.

The Sixth Eye: You’re Very Emotional


You are a person who could get deeply affected by almost anything. Your life is an emotional rollercoaster defined by the extremes. Extreme happiness, extreme sadness, extreme anger etc. are not foreign concepts to you.

You try to conceal your true emotions as best as you can and often contribute with insightful and knowledgeable thoughts to conversations. You’re constantly worried about your future and take keen notice of everything going around you.

The Seventh Eye: You’re Passionate


You have strong opinions about everything. The world is a black and white place for you with you being very clear about your stance on various issues and topics.

You’re always buzzing with energy and you have a glimmer in your eye every time your favorite topics are brought up. You’re often anxious and nervous due to your high energy levels but you do your best to not show it.

The Eighth Eye: You’re Unconventional And Eccentric


You follow your own path most of the times and you’re very open about who you are and what you stand for.

You are not too affected by others’ opinions about you because you are secure in your beliefs, as unusual as they might be. You are unaffected by traditions, customs, rituals, and rules imposed on you by society – you are your own person.

The Ninth Eye: You’re Instinctive


You have an innate understanding of people, issues and the world around you. You are often right in your assessment of others based on their personalities, facial expressions, and other factors.

You have the ability to assess other people’s true intentions with relative ease and you are diplomatic in your exchanges with them as well. You understand the concept of manipulation and can safeguard yourself from it very effectively, while also using it for your own good whenever required.

Did you manage to discover an aspect of yourself that was previously hidden away, or did you know it all already? Were the results shocking, surprising, pleasant, or all three? Do let us know in the comments.

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