Choosing One Feather Reveals Your Personality!

By Tanya Arora

Every single person on this earth has their own personality. That means, in this world, 7.2 billion unique personalities coexist – sometimes harmoniously and sometimes not quite so!

However, despite this uniqueness, the personalities you and I and everyone else possess can be classified into broad types. And the kind of personality you have can be determined by a number of factors such as your natural disposition, the way you interact with people around you, and if astrology is to be believed, the lines on your hands.

Of all these factors, the choices you make is a crucial determinant of who you really are and of who you’ll really become. And sometimes, to know who you are, you have to make very simple choices. Even one as simple as choosing one from a cluster of six!

Yes! In this simple personality test, all you have to do is pick one feather among the following six. While picking the feather that appeals to you the most, make sure you pay attention to the color and shape of the feather.

Done choosing? Check out your results below!

1. The Red Feather


If you chose the first feather, i.e. the red one, you are the imaginative kind! New ideas come to you naturally, without trying too hard. You have the desire to be superior in whatever you do, which can make you come across as a bossy person to people around you. Despite that, you maintain your quality of being a perfectionist as well as being effective in whatever you do. You never leave a task midway and once you commit to something, you make sure that it turns out just right, even if it’s something small and simple. You’re a tad bit sensitive as well and end up feeling bad when things don’t turn out the way you’d planned.

2. The Purple Feather


Picking the purple feather shows that you have a very adaptive nature and believe in renewing yourself to keep up with the times. This adjusting nature of yours makes it easier for you to bear the burden of difficult times, such as shifting base or starting a new and unfamiliar job. You’re a fast learner to boot and mostly enjoy being alone, enjoying learning by yourself and for yourself. Even though you prefer solitude, you should know that the people who love you will always be there for you.

3. The Green Feather


Was the green feather your choice? Well, then congratulations to you as you are born to be an entrepreneur! Which means no matter what you try your hand at, success is almost guaranteed. You never shy away from taking responsibility and possess the rare ability of being able to handle multiple projects at one time. Being active makes you feel alive, irrespective of whether you achieve all your goals or not. As long as you achieve even one aim, nothing can drag you down.

4. The Yellow Feather


Choosing the yellow feather indicates that you have a peaceful nature and prefer harmony. You don’t like being around people who disrupt peace and fight a lot, or love to argue, and would rather spend all your time with your loved ones as well as those who share the same interests as you. You have a helpful nature and never stop yourself from lending a helping hand to those in need. This quality of yours makes you quite the favorite of most people.

5. The Pink Feather


Your artistic abilities and creativity make you who you are. You are always bursting with new ideas and create beautiful things out of objects others never even imagined. Besides that, choosing the pink feather or the fifth one on this list also means that you have fear in you. More specifically – the fear of failure. It’s this fear that makes you doubt your own abilities, even though the creative abilities you possess are far from ordinary. A word of advice? Be more confident because you possess talents most people don’t.

6. The Grey Feather


Lastly, if the grey feather is what you selected instinctively, it shows that you are independent and never rely on anyone for anything. Your fierce independence leads you to believe that you can achieve all of your goals on your own, and truth be told, you mostly can. Even though independence is a good thing, your independence can result in the sacrifice of your personal relationships. This can leave you lonely. Hence, you should learn how to make and maintain friendships, as well as other interpersonal relationships. It will be good for you.

So, you see, even the simplest of choices you make can unravel so many different facets of your already multicolored personality. If you think your result turned out to be jaw-droppingly accurate, be sure to share this simple feather test with your friends!

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