13 Colorful Graduation Dresses And Tips On How To Style Them

Written by Niharika Nayak

Congrats on making it through the online classes, endless assignments, and the dreadful lengthy exams. Now the fun part will begin. Gone are the days when graduation dresses were mono-colored, princessy, and only A-line. No matter how difficult it is to come across the perfect trendy yet matching graduation outfit, there will always be something made for you out there. You just need to look in the right direction and tailor it according to your taste. If you’re on the hunt for that perfect dress, then we have some news for you. We understand how important this day is and that you will probably want to remember it for the rest of your life. So it’s understandable that you would want to make sure that everything is absolutely flawless. You’d want to find that perfect gown that will make you look like you’re out of this world. Of course, this whole thing depends entirely on your budget and color preferences. So let’s find you a gown that will catch everyone’s eye and make you look like the belle of the ball:

1. Cherry Red Peplum Mermaid Gown

Cherry Red Peplum Mermaid Gown


If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, then what better way than opting for the color of passion, red! This gorgeous piece is perfect for those who want to give off the appearance of having an hourglass figure while not going too risque with the length. The peplum detail cinched at the waist will highlight your curves.

2. Sunshine Yellow Gown With Ruffles

Sunshine Yellow Gown With Ruffles


While many may see ruffled gowns as more of a prom dress, this dress, in particular, is bound to catch the attention of a few secret admirers (wink wink). Yellow is the color of happiness, and you cannot go wrong with this shade in particular. The ruffle detail is a good alternative to your regular wide pleats that gives off a more formal look. Ruffles add texture to your plain dress which is anything but boring.

3. Pink Off-Shoulder Dress

Pink Off-Shoulder Dress


If your graduation ceremony has a specific dress code to follow and you are not comfortable with exposing your shoulders, you can skip this dress. However, if there is no dress code, feel free to give this cute and whimsical pink off-shoulder dress a whirl. Complete the look with some simple white sneakers or ballet shoes. It’s giving approachable girl-next-door for sure!

4. Full-Sleeved Bodycon Dress

Full-Sleeved Siren Red Dress


If you plan on going a little more conservative with your graduation outfit and want to keep your shoulders covered, consider investing in a dress like this full-sleeved siren, fitted dress. While the outfit is a little more conservative, your choice of color will most definitely help you win a few appreciative nods.

5. Sparkly Blue Elegant Gown

Sparkly Blue Elegant Gown


This sparkly emerald blue gown is for the girls out there who love glitter and shine. It’s sparkly, nicely embroidered, and the plunging V-neckline is definitely a bold choice. You can rock this embellished dress with a cute silver locket and some dangly earrings. Tie your hair into a bun or ponytail to let your dress and accessories have all the attention.

6. Cheerful Floral Dress

Cheerful Floral Dress


This floral dress is a must-have for athletic girls with long limbs. If you want a dress that shows off your collarbones and neckline while showing off those toned calves, this is the dress for you. And what’s more, the cheerful nature of this dress makes us want to celebrate it all the more.

7. Sparkly Maroon Sequined Dress With Full-Sleeves

Sparkly Maroon Sequined Dress With Full-Sleeves


Party girls out there, this one’s for you! If you’re looking for a classic disco-ready outfit, then you should definitely consider adding this one to your repertoire. We recommend skipping the crown and replacing it with a silver barrette instead.

8. Wine Red Bodycon Sleeveless Dress

Wine Red Bodycon Sleeveless Dress


Bodycon dresses are perfect for those who have an hourglass body type. Even if you’re on the chubbier side and are interested in wearing this dress, fret not. It’s all about the confidence with which you carry this outfit! We’d definitely advise you to use spanx to keep any unflattering bumps at bay. Skip the accessories and just stick to wearing some pretty diamond earrings.

9. Flowing Balloon Yellow Dress

Flowing Balloon Yellow Dress


A loose flowing dress is another beautiful outfit that is the perfect shade of sunshine yellow. This dress is ideal for a daytime event and will definitely bring a smile to your face. This balloon dress has a long skirt but is also sleeveless, so you can show off your arms if you want to. If you want to keep the outfit conservative, consider using a shrug along with it. The tiered detailing at the bottom amps up the overall look.

10. Off-Shoulder Emerald Green Gown

Off-Shoulder Emerald Green Gown


This stunning off-shoulder emerald green dress is the perfect dress for taller women and those who have a heavier bust. If you’ve always had a tough time finding a dress your size, do opt for a similar outfit. You can accessorize it with half-up, half-down hair and a simple silver necklace.

11. Flowy Aquamarine Gown

Flowy Aquamarine Gown


Everything looks good in blue! If you’ve ever wanted to channel the waves of the ocean, this is the look for you. This aquamarine gown’s texture has got us all wanting more. This gown is perfect for an evening ceremony and would look lovely against the dark colors of your graduation robe.

12. Gold Sleeveless Gown

Gold Sleeveless Gown


For the girl who likes to be a little extra. What better way to enjoy your last few days in high school/college than with a glorious golden outfit! This sparkly ruffled gown is perfect for all those fashionistas out there who really want to make a statement. The corset detailing is the vintage trend that you can really pull off.

13. Hot Pink Sleeveless Gown

Hot Pink Sleeveless Gown


The color pink gets more hate than it deserves! This gorgeous gown will fulfill all your inner fantasies of being a Barbie girl (in a plastic world). The hot pink flowy feel of the outfit is only complimented by the gorgeous silver rhinestones studded across it. You can accessorize this vibrant look with some long dangly silver earrings and cat-eye makeup.

Consult your besties if you want to color coordinate or try completely unique styles for memorable and aesthetic pictures. Graduation is a special time, and we understand that you would want to celebrate it in the most luxurious way possible. With this list, we hope you get some ideas of how to go about your graduation. Do let us know all of your thoughts on this article in the comment section below!

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