13 Compliments Guys Secretly Love to Hear

Written by Tanya Arora

Men are like coconuts: they are nutty on the outside, but soft on the inside. While they may present a gruff exterior and show that they don’t need to be showered with copious amounts of love (it’s the ‘main mard hoon’ philosophy), they need attention and care all the same. And what they love, a daily dose of more than anything else, are compliments! Just like us! Yes, according to a thread posted on Ask Reddit, guys were asked to reveal the compliments they love to hear. And believe me, 13 of them topped the list!

So whoever said that the way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach can groan in his grave as the new saying goes—the way to a man’s heart is through generous and genuine compliments!

And these are the compliments your man secretly wishes you paid him more often, whether in the bedroom or outside of it!

1. His Sense Of Style

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Believe it or not, he dresses to impress you. And if you don’t notice it, it’ll break his heart. So the next time he comes to pick you up for that dinner date, check him out from head to toe and be sure to tell him how hot he looks.

2. His Hot Bod

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Seriously, girls. Body shaming is not cool. You don’t like it when he does it to you, so why do it to him? If he’s working out, make an effort to tell him that it shows and he’s looking better than ever. There’s nothing like making him feel good!

3. How You Feel Safe With Him

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Men like to be knights in shining armor, and your man wants to be yours. So when you take a stroll with him on a cool, breezy night, tell him that you wouldn’t have felt as safe at this hour if it wasn’t for him.

4. His Aroma

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What’s sexier than his natural musk? No perfumes or colognes can beat the powerful aroma of his pheromones. Tell him how sexy he smells and let him know that it’s not the Axe-effect. It’s all him and his raw, natural scent.

5. The USP

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Remember that crazy but totally adorable thing he did that made you fall head over heels in love with him? There’s no harm in telling how crazy yet super sweet he is! Reassuring him of his insecurities too once in a while can be a great confidence booster!

6. His Special Part

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Okay, this one is a no-brainer. What’s between a man’s legs is his pride too, and he wants to know if you have a good time with it. In fact, this is one compliment your guy can never get enough of, so make sure you shower him with a rather big one, if you know what we mean ;)

7. His Flow-y Tresses

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Don’t you see men adjusting their tiny spikes every time they come across a reflective surface? If your guy comes on a date with a new haircut, make it a point to notice it and compliment him for it. And if he doesn’t have hair, let him know that bald is the new sexy!

8. His Intellect

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This should come as no surprise as this is how mansplaining was born. Men like to know you are with them because you think they are smart and not just, you know, good at the stuff. So don’t miss the opportunity to point out how much of a smartypants he really is.

9. His Strength

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If brain comes, can brawn be far behind? He would like nothing more than to be the Popeye to your Olive Oyl (even if you are actually stronger than him). Let him lift all your heavy shopping bags and squeeze his arm, telling him how strong he is!

10. His Skills Behind The Wheel

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Men on this Reddit thread confessed that being called the ‘best driver’ by their wives or girlfriends made them feel really good, even though it sounds like a really ordinary compliment, to begin with.

11. How Dependable He Is

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When your guy knows you can trust him with anything in the world, he not only feels good at having won your trust but your relationship improves too! Show your love by relying on him in times of need.

12. His Humor

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Not that you are obligated to laugh at crass, sexist jokes but if your man can make your belly ache with laughter, slip in a compliment about how funny he is as you catch your breath.

13. His Facial Features

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From a charming toothy grin to eyes as deep as seas you can get lost in, if there’s a feature of his face that you love, let it be known to him.

Complimenting your man will definitely make him love you more. And you never know, he may just get the feeling to show his love in special ways! So if you gotta man, compliment him as much as you can.

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