10 Creative Graduation Cap Ideas For The Class Of 2021/22

Written by Niharika Nayak

Graduation is one of the most critical and defining moments in the life of every student out there. There is hope, passion, and dreams for your future which makes this ceremony feel even more meaningful. On this special occasion, you’d want your outfit to be perfect, your makeup to be on point, and have the most unique and cool graduation cap out there. Whether you wish to add a simple, humorous quote to your cap or wear a cap that is special to you, this is a moment you’ll want to remember forever. This is especially the case if you’re going to be clicking pictures of this special day! So here are some ideas to make the perfect DIY graduation cap:

1. The “Hire Me” Grad Cap



This hilarious cap is one way to get noticed in your graduation picture! It makes fun of the “pick-me” girls out there who expect men to give them attention because they are “unique”. And it also showcases the individuals’ creativity and that they’re out there, fresh out of college with storming potential, ready to reel in those job revenues. So catch the eye of any potential recruiter in the crowd by wearing this fancy graduation cap.

2. LGBTQIA+ Pride Representation Grad Cap

LGBTQIA+ Pride Representation Grad Cap


Representing your community is extremely important, especially considering how so many LGTBQ individuals are still in the closet and afraid to be themselves in order to be accepted in this world. There is subtle or overt homophobia in workspaces, classes, and even in the confines of our own home. You can make your graduation more meaningful. It doesn’t matter even if you’re straight, it’s about being an ally, a support system for the community, and letting them know that there is freedom for them out there in the world. Well, it’s high time the gay community is normalized and doesn’t just exist in fairytale movies and make it a happy ending in real life too. If you are a proud member of the community or even a proud ally, why not show off your pride by rocking this cap?

3. “I Did It” Grad Cap

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Simple, elegant and does the job! This is the graduation cap for someone who wants to keep things simple. All you really need is some rhinestones and some glitter paper or colored sheets, and you’re good to go. Might as well exit in style!

4. “Next Adventure” Grad Cap


Graduation is one of the last steps you have to take in order to get out into the real world. Sure, it can be intimidating, but it is also an incredible adventure. So why not add that quote to your graduation cap and make it official? It is super cute and to the point.

5. “I’ll Grow Up Next Summer” Grad Cap


Who really needs to grow up, right? If you’re a little crafty and like to DIY things, this is an adorable design you should definitely give a shot. This is perfect for cheerleaders and high school divas, and you can even make some matching caps with members of your squad. It would not hurt to add some humor and break the monotony of only inspirational talks. You can add a personalized 2021 tassels chain to it to make it stand out even more!

6. “Don’t Waste Your Life” Grad Cap


Of course, we’re not trying to say that going to college and high school is for everyone. Whatever someone decides, it’s essential to treat everyone with a certain level of respect. This personalized graduation cap studded with rhinestones is both colorful and unique! Since this graduation cap is themed after a bible quote and athlete-related, you can change it up a bit according to your personal beliefs and extracurricular work.

7. “Adventure Complete” Grad Cap


You’ve finally finished off your education! It’s time to start a new adventure in a bright new world that is full of opportunities. The world is your oyster, and you are finally ready to take it on! This adorable golden “adventure complete” cap is easy and super cute. You can also try improvising with phrases like, “Mission Accomplished!” or “Mission Complete!”.

8. “If Not Us, Who?” Grad Cap


This is another favorite quote for everyone who fought against all odds to reach the place they are in now! Show off your hard work and efforts with this simple yet effective cap. No matter what specialization you have completed or excelled in, the fact remains that it was no piece of cake or a walk in a flowery garden. After years of work, mental breakdown, and various activities, this graduation cap just shows how well-deserved this tag is.

9. “Every Child Deserves A Champion” Grad Cap


Every young child does deserve a champion. We all need people to look up to this, which is a bold yet important statement for one to make. If you just graduated from a course related to teaching, nursing, or any other act of service, consider designing your cap like this one. All you need is an apple cutout and some alphabet stickers!

10. “Graduate To Be” Grad Cap


This floral extravagance is the perfect cap for any creative soul out there. If you want to win the love of all your peers and have some gorgeous and stylish graduation pictures, this is the look for you! You can paste fresh flowers onto your cap on the day of your graduation to keep things as fresh as possible. Keep the text simple and let the decor showcase your artistic side.

Graduating college or high school might be super scary because the increasing competition is no joke, but we can definitely tell you that there’s so much more out there waiting for you. There is an ocean of opportunity in the world. So worrying about landing a job and being successful is most likely only temporary and short-lived. Even if you’re worried about how your day is going to go, don’t worry; everyone else is probably going through the same thing. Do let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below!

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