15 Things That Happen To The Body When Someone Breaks Your Heart

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There’s nothing worse than the feeling of your heart breaking into smithereens right in front of you. It’s a curse you’d not wish upon even your worst enemies. Heartbreaks can be depressing, stressful, and traumatizing. They can drain you emotionally and can be very difficult to recover from. But that’s not the only effect that heartbreak can have on your body. It can affect you in myriad ways and cause more problems than just heartache. Here are 15 things that happen to you when you go through a heartbreak.

1. Too Much Stress

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Your stress levels can increase dramatically when you suffer heartbreak. Such high levels of stress can lead to other complications as well as increased exhaustion and vulnerability. Rest and indulge in leisure activities as much as you can to combat it.

2. Physical Pain

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Heartbreaks possess the power to lead to real bodily pains. Some of the associated pains include stomach aches, headaches, heartaches, etc. However, these are not the only ones, and heartbreak can manifest itself through aches and pains of varying degrees.

3. Loss Of Appetite

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Although there can be an increase in appetite too, depending on the kind of person you are. This irregularity in appetite can consequently lead to weight loss or weight gain. Try to regulate your diet to prevent complications.

4. Extreme Sadness

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This can be termed as depression, and you should not take this lightly, no matter what. Heartbreak can leave a deep psychological impact on many people, and if you happen to be one of those, proper treatment is a must.

5. Inability To Concentrate

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Heartbreak can greatly affect your concentration levels and make it difficult for you to focus on everyday tasks. It can also lead to forgetfulness, and you may find yourself not remembering why you walked into that room even though you just decided to a minute ago.

6. Slow Heart Rate

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Several types of research have revealed that any traumatizing experience, such as heartbreak, for example, can slow down your heart rate. This can be bad news for your circulatory system. So, it’s best that you get yourself checked by a doctor.

7. Sleeplessness

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Sleeplessness or insomnia is another common side effect of a heartbreak. Recurring thoughts of the person who let you down or left your life can prevent you from falling asleep. Try meditating to fix this instead of resorting to sleeping pills.

8. Increased Sensitivity

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At this stage in your life, you’ll not just be vulnerable but also very sensitive. Rude comments and snide remarks that didn’t affect you previously can now seem extremely hurtful and add to your wounds. Staying away from negativity for a while might be a good idea.

9. Solitude

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As mentioned in the point above, your increased sensitivity and vulnerability can make you prone to getting hurt, and in an effort to avoid it, you may withdraw yourself entirely and stay cooped up in your room. You may also refuse to see your friends and family.

10. Complete Withdrawal

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You know what happens to a nicotine addict when he quits smoking, right? He experiences severe symptoms of withdrawal, which prompt him to go back to what he left. Similar symptoms can occur if you are heartbroken.

11. Delayed Menstruation

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This side effect of heartbreak is only restricted to the fairer sex. Increased levels of the stress hormones in your body can mess up your menstrual cycle and lead to delayed periods, according to several studies.

12. Weak Immune System

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So far, you have learned that when you go through a heartbreak, you are more prone to get emotionally hurt. But, does your immune system become weak too? At this point, you will be more likely to contract infections and diseases. This happens because of the stress you experience, which can decrease your immunity.

13. Loss Of Hair

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Again, the main culprit here is the stress brought about by heartbreak. Hair loss can occur if your heartbreak was particularly stressful and traumatizing.

14. Cramps

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This is another symptom that is only restricted to women who experience heartbreak. Severe menstrual cramps can occur, yet again, due to high stress levels. Such cramps can be severe, and in combination with the emotional pain you have to go through, can be really bad.

15. Self-doubt

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Heartbreak can shake your self-confidence. You may start questioning all of your actions, the decisions and the choices you have made. You may also doubt your sense of self-worth, and may wonder if you’ll ever feel loved again. In such circumstances, it’s best for you to turn to a confidant and pour your heart out.

A heartbreak can be an increasingly difficult time, but it can be made better with the help and support of your friends and family. So, make sure you confide in them.

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