8 Ways To Ensure Your Clothes Look New Even After Multiple Washes

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

Don’t we all get excited as soon as we finally get our hands on a new pair of clothes that we’ve been eyeing for so very long? Some of us just love to jump into the store, pick new clothes, and dress in the store itself and leave from there, don’t we? I mean, who doesn’t love the feel of crisp new clothes? And that lovely, ‘new clothes’ smell is just something else!

But what we do not realize is that wearing brand new clothes without laundering them first is actually a risky affair. In fact, one TV medical drama also did an episode on this, where the reason for the patient’s problems were new clothes!

Scary, isn’t it? But then, what if after washing your brand new pair of clothes, it gets spoiled, and you never get to wear them? Does that sound even scarier? Well, we understand. Which is why we have put this article together. Read on to find out how to make sure that even after washing your new clothes, you can wear them almost like they were brand new.

1. Running Test


Run a running test on your brand new clothes. By running, we mean color running test. Just wet a small patch of your new cloth, place a white cloth on it, and press it with a hot iron. If the white cloth doesn’t stain, it means the color won’t run, but if this does, be prepared for a bucketful of your new clothes’ dyed water once you have dunked your cloth into it.

2. Segregate


We know this sounds like a bad word, and trust us, we hate it too! But the only place where it is right to do it is with your clothes. Always separate by color and if possible wash only the same colors together. Or at least separate the whites from the colorful ones. This will make sure your clothes do not become discolored.

3. Segregate Again!


Now, this sounds ridiculous, but it is actually advisable to segregate (again!) your clothes by the type of fabric as well. That way, when you dump your clothes in the washing machine, you’ll be able to choose the particular wash cycle and trust us, your clothes will be thanking you for the kind treatment that you’re giving them.

4. Don’t Forget Softeners


It is nice to use fabric softeners as not only do they help in keeping your clothes smelling pleasant, but they also ensure that the fabric remains soft and relaxed and doesn’t get stretched. It is always a plus when along with good-looking clothes, you have great smelling ones as well!

5. Don’t Go Over The Top With Softeners


If used carelessly, fabric softeners can actually stain your clothes. Also, using too much can spoil your clothes in other ways too. So, it is best to stick to the directions provided on the labels. They usually have very clear instructions on how much to use in how much water. Just follow that, and you should be ok.

6. Don’t Just Throw The Detergent Into The Washing Machine


Nothing is more annoying than detergent stains on fully dried clothes. Also, they might give you allergies. The best way to do it is to use the partition which is usually provided in all washing machines. If your machine doesn’t have it, then dilute the soap in water before adding it.

7. Don’t Dry Clothes In The Sun


We know that this sounds like a bad piece of advice and totally the opposite of what we’ve been doing our entire lives, but if you really want to increase the life of your clothes, you must never dry your clothes in the sun. Exposing fabric to direct sunlight makes them lose their color really soon and they get faded pretty fast. However, care must be taken to ensure that there is enough air in the shaded area as otherwise, clothes tend to get damp and smelly. Perhaps drying them outdoors but in a shaded area would be a good idea.

8. Don’t Use New Bedsheets & Other Linens Without Washing Them First Either!


It is important that you wash all – and we mean all – newly bought clothes, no matter what they are, before using them. Be it a nice new bedsheet, or cushion covers, or even curtains, it is always better to be careful and give them all a nice wash before you actually start using them. This is important to make sure that any sort of allergens that may have stuck onto the fabric during the manufacturing process do not reach you and you are safe from all infections.

Do you know any shopping freak who just loves to try out new clothes and wear them without sending them to the launderer first? Share this with them!

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