10 Everyday Things That You’re Doing Wrong

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

We pack our days with so much that it’s no surprise that the simple daily activities are put on the back burner and forgotten. We’ve learned much of what we know by aping adults and those around us, never quite pausing to check if they had it right or not.

There are countless things we do wrong in a day and these are often things that require simple readjustments, that can save us a lot of time and energy. In some serious cases, they can even prevent accidents!

Wonder what you’ve been doing wrong? Well, read on to find out!

10. It’s Always 9 And 3 O’ Clock On The Steering Wheel


Have you ever paid attention to the way you hold the steering wheel? Your hands might be too close together, making them vulnerable to an injury caused by airbags. Alternatively, you might be using too much energy to make the slightest of turns.

The correct way of holding the steering wheel is to place your hands across its diameter. Never grip it from the inside.

9. Put The Toilet Seat Down, Yes Missy, You Too!


You’re supposed to flush with the toilet seat face down. Failure to do that, allows germs to fly and spray across your bathroom. Germs aren’t visible to naked eyes but contaminate everything they encounter, from your towel to your toothbrush.

8. Deodorant To Bed


We often apply deodorant in the morning after a bath. This is perhaps the worst time to clog your activated sweat ducts. The ideal time to apply it is right before you hit the bed. At this point, your skin is dry, and your sweat glands are dormant. With 24-hour coverage, your deodorant will last even after you shower the next morning.

7. Organized Drawers


Be it your drawers or your suitcase, rolling your clothes works like a charm. Rolling them instead of folding them leaves more room, prevents wrinkles and makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for without disturbing the heap.

6. Cover Your Cough


We are often given the advice to use our hands to cover our mouths and noses when we cough or sneeze. But coughing or sneezing into hands is dangerous. Viruses spread rapidly through contact. After all, we aren’t mindful of touching doors, desks, money and a thousand other things over the course of a day.

A more hygienic way to cough is to use the crook of your elbow, this reduces the spread of germs.

5. Blend It Away


You shouldn’t waste any time scrubbing your blender clean and often getting cut with the blades in the process. Just pour some liquid dish soap and water then hit the power button. The blender will use centrifugal force to clean its walls. Next, pour the dirty water out and voila! You have yourself a shining new blender without dirtying your hands.

4. Sleeping Position


Some of us sleep on our back, some of us sleep on our sides, and still, others sleep on their stomachs. While most of us do not decide our sleeping positions consciously, you ought to know that sleeping on the stomach puts pressure on the spine, often causing stress and fatigue later in the day. Sleeping on your back ensures correct alignment and support of the neck and spine. You can’t control your tossing and turning through the night, but make a conscious effort to fall asleep on your back.

3. Keyboard Legs


When you begin typing, you’re guided to prop the keyboard up on its tiny legs, so you can get a better view of the letters. However, this shouldn’t be continued longer than necessary. Once you get a hang of typing, get rid of the legs, or you will develop wrist aches. It’s important that the keyboard lies parallel to the ground for your wrists to get the correct elevation and function without any strain.

2. Hanging Pants


Wonder why you always have to re-iron your ironed trousers? This is because hangers create a harsh crease across the middle of the trousers. A simple hack for this is to use a paper towel tube to wrap around the hanger. The curvature of the tube ensures that the trousers fall naturally sans any wrinkles. You can now bid goodbye to one of your Monday morning blues!

1. Shoelaces


Take each loose end of the lace and make a loop or as our parents would call them ‘bunny ears’. Bring one bunny ear over the other to make an ‘X’. Loop the bottom one through the other and pull them out to the sides to tighten. No more embarrassing tip-overs!

Changing old habits can be hard – we get it. We often have no recollection of learning these activities for the first time, yet our brain is conditioned to perform them again and again, unchecked. However, we can always unlearn and relearn these activities to make our lives easier and safer.

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