12 Weird Fashion Hacks A Girl Can’t Live Without

By Tanya Arora

To look your best, it’s not necessary to follow the latest trends. As long you can prevent the ‘oops’ and ‘damn that’s bad’ moments, nothing can stop you from looking confident and good.

Luckily, the world of fashion is full of such hacks that prevent and maybe even put an end to common wardrobe woes without much effort from your side.

We have curated 12 such brilliant and wacky hacks for you. We assure you, the following will save you from some major fashion boo-boos –

1. Use Paperclips To Hide To Peeking Bra Straps

Got a cold shoulder top/dress but don’t have a racerback bra to compliment it? No problem! You can turn your everyday bra into a racerback in a jiffy so that the straps don’t show under your pretty dress. Just take a paper clip and secure the straps together on your backside to make your very own racerback bra!

2. Prevent Visible Panty Lines

Nothing’s more embarrassing than panty lines that show under tights or that cute dress! And unless you’re not ready to go commando, you need this quick fix that we have in store for you. To get a smooth look under your clothing, purchase shapewear that has been specifically designed to help you achieve that seamless appearance. You can also get strapless panties for the same purpose.

3. Fuzz Balls? Use A Razor

Fuzz balls can make your newest of sweaters appear as if they’re years old, and have been subjected to a lot of wear and tear! But you can make your woolens look as good as new with the help of your razor. Just rub the sharp end of your razor on your sweater the same you would on your skin to get rid of the fuzz balls. Word of advice: make sure you use a gentle razor, like the one used on your face and be careful not to tear your sweater!

4. Fix Shoe Odor With Baking Soda


Shoe odor can also make your feet smell really bad. The easiest way to deal with this nasty situation is to put some baking soda in your shoes! But don’t do this directly. Sprinkling baking soda directly on your shoes can harm suede and leather shoes, making them prone to damage. Wrap a tablespoon of baking soda in a piece of cloth instead and put it in your shoes to have odor-free shoes.

5. Say Goodbye To Jewelry Knots With A Plastic Straw

Necklaces can be quite tricky to store when you lose the box they came in as the chain knots quite easily! The solution? Plastic straws! Unclasp your necklace and put the loose end of chain inside the straw, threading along the length as you go. Cut the straw if it is too long. Your necklaces will never knot again!

6. Freeze Chewing Gum On Your Clothes To Remove It


Getting gum stuck on your clothes might not be an everyday occurrence but it is very hard to get rid of! The easiest way to remove chewing gum from your clothes though is to rub ice cube all over it. Once the gum becomes cool, you’ll easily be able to peel it off with the help of a butter knife.

7. Get Sparkling Clean Silver Jewelry With Ketchup


Silver jewelry tends to lose its sheen over time. But you don’t need to hit the jewelry store to get the shine back when you have ketchup at your home! Dab a soft cloth in some ketchup and rub it on silver jewels to make them sparkle.

8. Prevent Makeup Transfers To Your Hat

Tired of the makeup on your forehead getting rubbed off by your hat? To prevent that from happening, stick adhesive tape to the inside rim of your hat. Neither will your hat get dirty and nor would you end up with a hat shaped line on your forehead!

9. Help Your Bra Stay In Place With Scotch Tape


Use double-sided scotch tape to avoid your bra straps from showing when you don’t have the right bra for your tank tops! Apply the tape on the backside of your bra strap, simultaneously taping it to your top to keep the bra in place.

10. Apply Beeswax On Your Shoes To Waterproof Them

If you live in a rainy climate and hate the thought of wet shoes, this trick will come in handy. Rub beeswax all over your canvas shoes and blow-dry them afterwards to help the shoes absorb it. Beeswax can hinder shoe breathability so don’t do this in summers.

11. Stretch Out Tight Shoes By Freezing Them

Easily slip your feet into the tight heels you love by freezing them! Freeze water in airtight ziplock bags and place them in your shoes. Now keep those shoes in the fridge and let them freeze. Once you take them out to wear them, they’ll feel loser.

12. Use Nail Polish To Prevent Green Ring Marks

Copper rings and rings made of some other metals can leave green marks on your rings due to the chemical reaction that takes place between your skin and the metal. Avoid this from happening by applying transparent nail polish to your ring. The polish will act as a barrier and prevent discoloration.

There you go! These hacks will get you out of most sticky situations so you can wear your favourite clothes and shoes with confidence!

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