17 Quick and Fascinating Facts About The Female Body

Written by Meghna G

Our Body is full of wonders. We learn something new about it every day. It’s true that us women face many challenges with our body. When that time of the month comes around, or when our curves are just too much to handle! But being a woman has its own unique perks. You would be surprised by all the amazing things your body can do! Did you know that there is so much more to the female body than meets the eye? These 17 fascinating facts will make you rethink your perspective on a woman’s body.

 1. Uneven Breasts

 It is rightly stated that “Imperfection is beauty”. As perfect as those gorgeous curves may seem, they are not a 100% identical. Even though the difference may be barely visible, one breast is often slightly bigger or differently shaped than the other.

2. Sharper Senses

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 Yes, that’s right! Compared to men, women have better abilities. They have a more adept sense of smell and have a keen eye for details. Women have better eyesight and can hear better, hence making them more cautious than men.

3. Controversial 20s!

 There is so much that happens to a woman’s body during her 20s. She goes through her early adulthood, with changes in the body, hormonal changes and so much more. Our mind is usually going through a rebellious stage at this age, and this is when all the wrong decisions happen!

4. Miss Multitasker

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 Who said men are better at work? Women are masters of multi-tasking. They are likely to do better while managing many tasks at once. The corpus callosum in the female brain is larger, and that is what allows women to multitask more effectively than men.

5. Pain Tolerance

 While men go around feeling all macho, women are often underestimated when it comes to strength. From the pain a mother goes through while giving birth to battling those horrible menstrual cramps every month. The female body has more pain receptors, but with the protection of estrogen, we tend to have a higher threshold to pain.

6. Flexible Bodies

Women have always had the edge over men when it came to flexibility. But did you know why? That’s because female muscles and tendons contain more elastin. And that’s what makes a woman more flexible.

7. Emotional wrecks

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 It may be an annoying stereotype that women are more emotional. But unfortunately, it is a fact that women do cry more, especially during that time of the month when they go through suffering. But it’s not entirely our fault. The female hormones tend to make a woman more emotional and sensitive.

8. The Trigger

 The sole purpose of the clitoris is to bring pleasure to women. It has no other functional value for the female body. For more than 75 percentage of women, clitoris stimulation is what actually makes them achieve an orgasm.

9. Double Beat

 It is a fact that a female’s heart is programmed to beat two times faster. The rate of heartbeat is comparatively more. Despite the smaller size, the heart beats more efficiently. An adult woman’s heart beats 78-82 times a minute.

10. Color Correct

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 Women are better in distinguishing between shades of color. This is due to their better perception caused by being directly linked to the X chromosome. Another factor could be that their senses are more efficient in functioning.

11. Natural Intuition

You might have heard this one before, and it is true! Women have a natural instinct about what is coming. They have the tendency to predict when something is threatening. Due to this, they are more anxious. Also because of higher levels of progesterone.

12. Pregnancy Cravings

Women are high on hormones during this time. And they have the weirdest cravings which they would never have thought about on a regular day. But did you know that about 30% of women have the craving to consume inedible things?

13. Sensitive Damsel

 Both women and men are sensitive. But based on a survey, women on an average cry 30-60 times in a year while men cry only 6-17 times. They are often concerned about too many issues and find themselves in being an emotional wreck and express their distress in tears.

14. Hopeless Romantics

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When it comes to commitment, most women have a stronger attachment to other people. This is primarily due to higher oxytocin levels. They are even more affectionate due to better-developed areas of the brain.

15. Stronger Immunity

Based on a study, it has been established that women have a strong immune system. Females mostly live longer than males and are able to sustain better. This is because they have abundant X chromosomes with microRNA which are important for immunity.

16. Delicate Touch

Women’s body not only has softer skin but it is also delicate. Due to the sensitivity of their skin, they get easily bruised. On a physical level, this is one of the reasons why men are considered more rough and tough compared to a tender woman.

17. Light Sleepers

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 The brain activity of a female reduces only by 10% during sleep. Due to this women tend to be light sleepers. They are easily disturbed or get hypnic jerks while they are asleep. Another fact is that women often suffer disturbed sleep and nightmares.

Based on all these above facts, you can tell how mysterious and wonderful our body is. There is so little we know about our own body. But once you get to know new things you will look at yourself differently. Our body can do so much, and these fascinating facts are just a few among many! So, go ahead and explore your body and learn more about you!

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